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How to: Bathroom Interior Design Touches Anyone Can Do

You don’t have to be an interior designer in order to have a modern bathroom that exudes style. These quick design tips will dramatically change the look and feel of your bathroom, for the better.

Incorporate Some Artwork

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Cloud Bathtub with Base from W2 by Wetstyle

You don’t have to turn your bathroom into an art gallery, but bringing in some artwork is a fun way to infuse your personality into the space. Pick pieces that won’t get ruined by the moisture in the room. You can go humurous, add a quote, or hang some peaceful artwork.

Display Your Towels

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Air Weight 6-Piece Towel Set from Coyuchi

There’s something about a pile of fluffy white towels ready and waiting that’s so stylish, and it’s a tried and true bathroom interior design trick. Whether they’re displayed in a wired wall unit–

Add Seating

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Cloud Loom Six Piece Towel Set from Coyuchi

Or resting on a stool or even a leather pouf, you can’t go wrong with this easy organization and style solution.

Add a Modern Hamper

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Complementi Linen Cart K125 from Nameeks

It’s time to throw out that plastic hamper you’ve had for years and replace it with something more upscale. A nice hamper is a functional accessory that will look nice and keep your used towels and dirty clothes off the floor. You can keep the look clean and classic or you can add texture with a woven hamper.

Replace The Shower Curtain

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Rustic Linen Shower Curtain from Coyuchi

An easy way to give your bathroom a face lift? Swap out your dull, dingy, plastic shower curtain for a nice, new, modern one. It will make a world of difference and can dramatically shift the mood and style of your bathroom.

Give Your TP A Tasteful Display

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf from Lyon Beton

Embrace the human need for toilet paper by giving your TP a tasteful display. It’ll create an artful accent that is as useful as it is beautiful. You’ll never get caught with an empty roll again.

Mix In Some Seating

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
New Elegance Bathroom Stool from Keuco

If you like to take long soaks in the tub, give your wine glass a place to rest. Stool are multifunctional and are great for the bathroom. When you’re not using it to sit on, it can act as a side table for essentials.

Stylize Your Counters

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Makro Lacquered Tray from Makro

Clutter is the number one mood killer in a bathroom. To maintain that fresh-interior-designer touch, keep as few things out on the vanity counter as possible. Pick a few essentials, like an artisan soap, and luxurious hand lotion.

Update Your Vanity

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Smile Iotti Vanity and Sink SM03C from Nameeks

You can give your old vanity a new coat of paint in a dark color or replace it all together. If you want a crisp and clean look, opt for a vanity that has a seamless look.

Give Your Robe A Home

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Duo Wall Hook, Screw-On from blomus

I can think of nothing better than exiting a hot shower only to have your robe ready and waiting, hanging on a hook within reach. To up your bathroom interior design, showcase a crisp white robe or one that matches your decor.

Up Your Mirror Game

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Vanita and Casa Lighted Vanity Mirror 7095-702S from Nameeks

If you’re looking to maintain a clean and modern feel, go for a sleeker looking mirror. Bathroom mirrors that incorporate lighting into them give a modern bathroom a minimal look.

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Mosaico Horizontal Mirror from Azzurra

Or get more ornate and decorative mirror if you want to add character–

Bathroom Interior Design |YLiving
Element Lift-Up 30-Inch Cabinet from W2 by Wetstyle

You can also take the opportunity to incorporate some hidden storage with a mirrored cabinet, just to help keep clutter off the counters and to maintain that professional bathroom interior design feel.

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