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Behind the Second Collection from Bend Goods, With Founder Gaurav Nanda

For me and my team, at Bend Goods, the details in everything we do are what matter most. We design products with the intention of making everything as unique, dynamic, and original as we possibly can.

Our goal is to design well thought out furniture that is durable enough to be passed down from generation to generation: the classics of tomorrow, if you will. Last year, we finalized our second collection to date. We had the task of taking on a very diverse collection of products and figuring out how to tell a cohesive story upon its release. We wanted the collection to work as one, but also wanted each piece to make sense on its own. My team and I spent a lot of time brainstorming different marketing concepts and then it finally hit me: why not give each piece its own true moment in the spotlight.

Swtich Table by Gaurav Nanda, from Bend Goods
Swtich Table/Stool by Gaurav Nanda, from Bend Goods

With 11 unique items in the collection and 12 months in the year, it became clear that 2016 would be the year of the second collection. After putting some thought into the order of release, we started January off with our stool/table hybrid named Switch. With changeable pad options that have a padded seat on one side and a table top on the other, Switch is one of our more dynamic releases to date. It was a great introduction to what would end up being a challenging but very rewarding year for our company and catalog of Goods.

Bend Goods | YLiving
Top Row (Left to Right): Plant Stand, Peacock Lounge Chair, Cono Table, Nathan Vincent Long Horn. Bottom Row (Left to Right): Sweet Stool, Swiveling Ethel Chair, Louie Table, Stick Stool, Betty Stacking Chair, Bistro Table, Switch Table/Stool.

As you can tell from the group shot above, of the now fully released collection, our somewhat ‘out of the box’ strategy was the right way to go. For example, we put Switch, which is a pretty high concept but compact design, next to our oversized update of the 1970’s iconic Peacock Chair. The Peacock will understandably always out-shine.

Bend Goods Pointy House Showroom
The Bend Goods “Pointy House” Showroom

The final piece in the puzzle of the second collection is the house that we now use as a showroom in Los Angeles, CA. We bought and started renovating the house right about the same time that we started the year-long release. The timeline for completion of the renovation was a little too kismet. We now call this the Pointy House. It’s arguably our biggest design challenge to date and it had to be the final design in our second collection.

My team and I are so excited by this whole collection and we hope that you love it too. You can find it all HERE, and every piece of the collection is available as the inventory continues to roll in. As for 2017, all we can say is: stay tuned. With the help of YLiving, we’ll continue to bring you the best in design we can possibly give.

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Gaurav Nanda

Gaurav Nanda

Gaurav Nanda is the founder and creative director of Bend Goods, a Los Angeles based design and manufacturing company. Bend makes functional products for the home and public spaces with a commitment to being innovative and playful.

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