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Behind The Scenes with New Zealand’s Resident

Today we’re taking a behind the scenes look at Resident, a New Zealand based furniture and lighting brand. Using pure honest materials, Resident delivers creative, innovative furniture and lighting, that’s unique. iconic, and practical.

Resident New Zealand Co-Founders Scott Bridgens and Simon James | YLiving
Resident Co-Founders Scott Bridgens and Simon James

Established in 2011, Resident is a globally focused furniture and lighting design company from New Zealand. The company was founded by prolific furniture designer, Simon James, and former Tom Dixon Operations Manager, Scott Bridgens. As a vehicle to take progressive and innovative New Zealand design to a worldwide audience, Resident has exhibited regularly at international shows including the Milan Furniture Fair, London Design Festival, New York Design Week and Los Angeles Design Week.

Resident New Zealand Tri Pendant Light | YLiving
Tri Pendant from Resident

Resident has been on the rise in the US market, with bold and innovative lighting products leading the way. The geometric family of products containing Hex, Cross and Tri has been especially well received, due to their innovative use of LED light sources, simple and well proportioned dimensions, and a very high quality of hand finishing. These New Zealand made lights have found their way into a number of restaurants, bars, hotels and private residences.

Resident New Zealand Hex Pendant Light | YLiving
Hex Pendant from Resident

Resident’s essence revolves around an authentic combination of world leading design, bold material use and exceptional fabrication. Diverse ranges of materials and processes have exemplified Residents first six collections. They are currently producing lights out of steel, aluminum, brass, glass, carbon fiber and ceramic.

“New Zealand is a fantastic place to be designing and manufacturing high quality lighting. We have a very diverse network of factories here that are passionate about what they do, and genuinely want to help Resident to achieve its goals. Kiwis are very resourceful people and this makes a big difference in the wide world.” – Scott Bridgens

Resident New Zealand Parison Pendant Light | YLiving
Parison Pendant by Nat Cheshire from Resident

At the New York design week Resident recently released its first technical spotlight, with the unveiling of the Echo series of Track, Surface Mount, and Pendant lamps. Echo utilizes the Soraa Light engine, a uniquely adaptable ultra high quality light source, which allows the user to snap on and off magnetic lenses that change the color temperature and beam angle.

“It’s our aim at Resident to develop furniture that is honest in material, has refined aesthetic with uncomplicated lines.” – Simon James

Resident New Zealand Tangerine Chair | YLiving
Tangerine Chair By Simon James, from Resident

Resident’s furniture collection has also gone from strength to strength, with a focus on strong, robust, dependable products that can span both commercial and domestic interiors. Resident co-founder Simon James has been a significant contributor to the furniture range, with items encompassing the Tangerine Chair, Felix Chair, and Pick Up Sticks Chair.

Resident New Zealand | YLiving
From left – Tangerine Chair, Pick Up Sticks Chair, Tangerine Stools by Simon James. Far Right – Spar Floor Lamp by Jamie McLellan

“The Odin chair embraced many of the key elements we seek in a dining chair, with significant investment it marks a step-up in our commitment to producing items with a point of difference and something we will continue to focus on moving forward.” – Simon James

Resident New Zealand Odin Chair | YLiving
Odin Armchair from Resident

The latest addition to the furniture range is the iconic Odin Armhair, by Jamie McLellan. A formal dining chair, Odin is simultaneously humble and striking, with a subtle blend of Nordic and Japanese cultures. There is structural harmony in how its four die cast aluminum legs cradle a laminated ash seat base and backrest.

Resident New Zealand Felix Chair | YLiving
Felix Chair By Simon James, from Resident

If the first five years are anything to go by, Resident has a lot more to offer, and we think their best is yet to come.

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