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Top 10 Best Selling Modern Home Accents and Accessories

Every year, there are products that stand out from the rest. Here are our top 10 best selling modern home accents and accessories from 2016. 

1. RS#3 Foosball Table

RS Barcelona RS3 Foosball Table | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
RS#3 Foosball Table from RS Barcelona

RS Barcelona has created a foosball table that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. With its bright, modern look, the RS#3 Foosball Table kicks the traditional foosball table to the curb. Sleek and fun, its easy to see why this foosball table has become a top seller. Bonus: The RS#3 Wood Football Table has been getting just as much attention, even one upping its former table with attractive Iron wood legs and knobs.

2. Eames Hang-It-All

Herman Miller Hang It All | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Eames Hang-It-All® By Charles + Ray Eames, from Herman Miller

No modern home is complete without an Eames Hang-It-All. Designed by the infamous Charles and Ray Eames, the Hang-It-All is synonymous with a practical mid-century style.  Loved for its cheery color scheme and bountiful hanging capabilities, it’s really no surprise that this 1953 original is still going strong.

3. Ping Pong Table

District 8 Ping Pong Table | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Ping Pong Table from District Eight

District Eight has done it again with their industrial-modern styled Ping Pong Table. One of the best looking modern ping pong tables out there, it’s also versatile in use. Whether it’s being put to use as a dining room table or for a rousing game of ping pong, it’s the best of both worlds. Bonus: The pub style Shuffleboard Table from District Eight has been making its way into a number of game rooms. Recycled hardwood and beautiful solid oak are set atop cast iron legs. It’s entertainment for all ages and  makes for a great conversation piece.

4. Retro Bullet Planter

Retrobullet Planter | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Retro Bullet Planter from Retro Bullet by Hip Haven

This Retro Bullet Planter is wildly popular for bringing a bit of vintage and a touch of greenery into the modern home. Its retro  lines are the perfect compliment for a mid-century modern style home, but they look great in any home really.

5. George Mirror

Modloft George Mirror 36 Inch | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
George Mirror, 36-Inch from Modloft

The George Mirror from Modloft is, as one reviewer put it, “absolutely stupendous.” Whether it’s the crystal clear mirror or the dashing leather accents that make it so popular, its plain to see that this handsome mirror makes for a great modern home accent. Bonus: The Greene Mirror from Modloft is a solid mirror that’s ideal for use in the bedroom or wherever there’s a blank wall available.

6. Upper Step Ladder

Kartell Upper Step Ladder | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Upper Step Ladder By Alberto Meda, from Kartell

Step-ladders have never been too pretty, until the Upper Step Ladder from Kartell came along. Who knew something so utilitarian could look so stylish? This practical step-ladder is made from translucent polycarbonate, resulting in a chic and ghostly looking piece.

7. Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage

Cycloc Bicycle Storage | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage By Andrew Lang, from Cycloc

The Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage gives the modern cyclist an innovative and attractive way to hang their bicycle. Its clean lines are a welcome design aesthetic, as well as its space saving abilities. Bonus: The Cycloc Endo Bicycle Storage is another popular choice for bicycle storage; and rather than hanging the bikes horizontally against the wall, it hangs them vertically.

8. Wooden Dolls

Vitra Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Wooden Dolls By Alexander Girard, from Vitra

The Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard were originally designed in 1963. With 22 unique personalities to choose from, there’s a Vitra Wooden Doll for every home, and every occasion. They make adorable gifts or additions to growing Vitra collections.

9. Sunburst Clock

Vitra Sunburst Clock | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Sunburst Clock By George Nelson, from Vitra

A George Nelson original design, the Sunburst Clock is a must-own modern clock. Not only is it a clock, but it is also a piece of classic mid-century modern art. Bonus: Equally as popular is the George Nelson Ball Clock. The mid-century design looks great in any room and is the perfect modern home accent.

10. Field of Towers Chess Set

Zaha Hadid Design Field of Towers Chess Set | YLiving Best Selling Home Accents + Accessories
Field of Towers Chess Set By Zaha Hadid, from Zaha Hadid Design

Last, but certainly not least, is the Field of Towers Chess Set by Zaha Hadid Design. Its elegant polished resin boar shines like crystal while the tower-like pieces each have their own individual personas. Shapely, architectural, and noble, this chess set is like a functional art piece.

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