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Get Cheeky With Bosa’s Ceramic Home Accessories

Bosa sculpts cheeky ceramic home accessories that bring a touch of sophistication and whimsy to the modern home. Applying a fresh interpretation of ceramic craftsmanship to ancient techniques, Bosa transforms formal and functional conventions into fantastical worlds with the multitude of pieces that have caught our eye. So keep reading to see some our favorite modern home accessories by Bosa.

Horse Vase Sculpture

Home Accessories | Horse Vase Sculpture By Jaime Hayon, from Bosa|YLiving
Horse Vase Sculpture By Jaime Hayon, from Bosa

Adorn your walls with this unexpected and unique wall vase. The Horse Vase Sculpture is a hand-crafted wall vase that transforms from the bust of a horse into a blooming unicorn with the help of a few blooms of flowers.

Aura Essence Diffuser

Home Accessories | Aura Essence Diffuser from Bosa | YLiving
Aura Essence Diffuser from Bosa

The Aura Essence Diffuser lets you fill your home with your favorite scents through its unique design. Designed to look like an elegant perfume bottle, each diffuser is made from ceramic and features both glazed and matted parts, the matte stem allows the perfumes to be absorbed and then diffused throughout the room.

Sister Helen Vessel

Home Accessories | Sister Helen Vessel from Bosa| YLiving
Sister Helen Vessel from Bosa

Part of the Sisters Collection, the Sister Helen Vessel features a curvaceous shape as well as an interesting design. Helen’s elaborate hairdo is actually a vessel container with a removable lid to hide the contents from view.

T-Table Side Table

Ceramic Home Accents | T-Table Side Table from Bosa | YLiving Bosa
T-Table Side Table from Bosa

With geometric patterns and accents of metallic precious metals, the T-Table Side Table will add a personal touch to any room. Full of personality and playfulness, each table features the same simple, but functional design.

Pellicano Carafe

Home Accessories | Pellicano Carafe By Jaime Hayon, from Bosa | YLiving
Pellicano Carafe By Jaime Hayon, from Bosa

Hand-crafted and accented by a metallic glazed lid, this carafe is reminiscent of the plump body and trough bill of a pelican bird. The whimsical design of the Pellicano Carafe adds an element of fun to your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Hopebird Tabletop Sculpture

Ceramic Home Accents | Hopebird Tabletop Sculpture By Jaime Hayon, from Bosa | YLiving Bosa
Hopebird Tabletop Sculpture By Jaime Hayon, from Bosa

Full of hope for the future, the Hopebird Tabletop Sculpture is an an optimistic accessory for the modern home. This charming home accessory has its gaze set on the horizon with each handmade figure available in a number of eye-catching designs, all of which are accented in brilliant, shimmering gold.

Travel Dog’s House

Home Accessories | Travel Dog's House from Bosa | YLiving
Travel Dog’s House from Bosa

While making beautiful ceramic pieces of art, Bosa also creates functional ceramic designs like their line of small dog houses. Cute and offbeat, these Dog is God hound huts are a quirky alternative to a plastic igloo. The Travel Dog’s House is a charming and unexpected accessory for pint sized pups with a ceramic construction made to look like an old fashion suitcase with a built in handle.

Domsai Dom Terrarium

Home Accessories | Domsai Dom Terrarium from Bosa | YLiving
Domsai Dom Terrarium from Bosa

The Domsai Dom Terrarium features a glass dome, perched atop a pair of hand painted and brightly colored socked legs, made to house small plants such as a succulent or cactus. These make for a charming modern accent when placed on a window sill, counter, side table, or bookshelf.

Want to see more home accessories from Bosa? Click here to see their entire collection of handmade ceramic creations.

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