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Bring Design Home: BLVD Bathroom

In the 21st century, nightlife is more popular than ever. Top nightclub destinations include Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and the birthplace of house music–Chicago. The interior designers of these club venues strive for an upscale contemporary environment to match the sensibilities of the dressed-to-impress clientele. This is especially true in the venues’ bathrooms, welcoming safe-spaces where clubbers can refresh themselves–away from the loud music and crowds.

Chicago has a long history of exceptional nightlife. House music was born in the early 1980’s at the legendary Warehouse club on South Jefferson Street, where DJ Frankie Knuckles mixed his electronic drum machine with instrumental disco records. Clubgoers called this unique mash-up “warehouse” music (or “house” for short). Knuckles, and others, would soon take the underground dance music from obscurity to a global phenomenon. This tradition of Chi-town artistic innovation continues to this day.

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Take, for example, the renowned Chicago restaurant and evening space called BLVD. The main floor of the venue looks amazing, and that edgy-glam design goes all the way into the bathrooms. The statement chandelier, the glistening mirrors and accessories, and the comfy lounge chairs–all surrounded by luxurious, deep dark upholstered walls and black marble. It all comes together to give this bathroom the sleek vibe that discerning nightlifers demand.

Want to bring that vibe home? The fabulous look of the BLVD bathroom is one that you can actually use to inspire your own interior style:

Dramatic Chandelier

The look starts with a chandelier that immediately draws the eye and makes a bold statement. In addition to the strategically placed recessed lighting, the chandelier offers warm ambient lighting, as well as luxurious modern style. The chandelier that greets guests at BLVD is a beautiful piece with swooping suspensions. If you have a similarly large space, go big. Otherwise, you can get a similar effect with a smaller scale mini-chandelier.

To get the look:

Plenty of Mirrors

The flair of the vanity area at BLVD, exquisitely arranged by the interior designer at the venue, can be brought into your home with a focus on the right mirrors and accessories. You’ll notice that the bathroom at BLVD has plenty of shining mirrors. The interior designers included mirrors of different shapes and sizes, and they shine with class.

To get the look:

Bling-y Accessories

Set against dark upholstered walls and black marble floors, BLVD’s vanity area shines with golden accessories that match the chandelier and the mirror frames. Add a touch of this color to your bathroom to achieve that same vibe.

To get the look:

A Plush Place to Rest

Finally, a posh nightclub bathroom provides a couch or lounge area for guests to wait for friends. At BLVD, they provide a low backed comfy crimson couch. I like the idea of an oversized lounge sofa with a low back. Places like this inside a club or restaurant are great for readjusting your footwear, sending a quick text message, or having a chill moment to rejuvenate your energy. Again, if you have the room, go all in. Otherwise, a smaller lounge chair can be just as welcome and convenient.

To get the look:

The upscale nightclub bathroom of the 21st century is focused on impressing guests with outstanding contemporary interior design. The bathroom in Chicago’s BLVD is stunning, and is worthy of inspiration. With a little vision, you can design your bathroom’s interior with style that will generate the same wonder of the hippest of nightlife locations.

Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark

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