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Bringing Color and Pattern into the Modern Bedroom

Some people take a spa-like approach to their modern bedroom décor, sticking with a neutral palette, white sheets, and minimal visual distractions—creating a serene, minimalist space for sleeping and reflection. That’s well and good—those are beautiful spaces. But, personally, I’m into pattern and color these days; and no one does pattern better than Missoni Home, so I’ve plumbed its collections to find my favorite picks for the modern bedroom.

There is really no more private a space, so your bedroom is a great place to express your personality and experiment with layered pattern and bold color. Especially since the ways you can do it—with sheets, throws, poufs, and pillows—are easy and low-risk. So pile it on! A vibrant bedroom can be really sexy.


Rachel Bedding From Missoni Home|YLiving

Rachel Bedding from Missoni Home

Obviously the bed is the focus of any bedroom and your best opportunity to make a real visual impact, so pick your sheets wisely. If you’re comfortable with something feminine and wild, check out Rachel Bedding, a riotous floral pattern splashed with giant lilies and intertwining petals.

Rudolph 100 Bedding from Missoni |YLiving

Rudolph 100 Bedding  from Missoni Home

For something slightly more subdued, I like the muted hues and feathery chevron patterning of Rudolph 100 Bedding.

Janet 160 Bedding from Missoni| YLiving

Janet 160 Bedding from Missoni Home

And for my own modern bed with masculine style, I’d opt for Janet 160 Bedding—a satin sheet set embroidered with black, silver, and gold chevron stripes.

Ragusa Rug By Rosita Missoni, from Missoni Home|YLiving

Ragusa Rug from Missoni Home

If the splashy sheets are not your thing, you can accessorize. An area rug, such as the vivid pastel Ragusa Rug with cutout edges, brings bold color to the floor of your modern bedroom.

Orelia Pillow 24x24 from Missoni Home|YLiving

Orelia Pillow 24×24 from Missoni Home

Similarly, the psychedelic hues and watercolor-like design of the Orelia Pillow  will liven up any space.

Rocco Throw 170 By Rosita Missoni, from Missoni Home|YLiving

Rocco Throw 170 from Missoni Home

Another way to bring a dose of brightness into a more-neutral space is to introduce a throw blanket or other textile; we love the soft wool Rocco Throw , which comes in two appealing colorways: cool, watery blues 

Rocco Throw 159 from Missoni Home|YLiving

Rocco Throw 159 from Missoni Home

and spicier reds and oranges.

Ravenna Cylinder Pouf from Missoni Home|YLiving

Ravenna Cylinder Pouf from Missoni Home

A pouf is a versatile piece of modern bedroom furniture: it can serve as an ottoman, a seat, or a landing place for tossed-off clothes. If your room is small, the drum-like Ravenna Cylinder Pouf is a good bet; measuring just 16 inches wide, it can tuck into any space.

Paraiba Pallina Pouf By Rosita Missoni, from Missoni Home|YLiving

Paraiba Pallina Pouf from Missoni Home

If you’ve got a little more real estate to devote, we’re smitten with the high-contrast tropical pattern on the nearly three-foot-wide Paraiba Pallina Pouf.

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