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BuzziSpace: Understanding Acoustics At Work

Why are acoustics relevant for offices and more specific open spaces?

Human beings are hardwired to react to sound. With every sound, we wonder: Are those footsteps of a friend or foe? Do I need (or want) information from this conversation behind me?

BuzziGrid Sound Buffer
BuzziGrid Sound Buffer from BuzziSpace

At work and other concentration spaces, sound pollution is difficult to ignore. It’s said that after every distraction, it takes 25 minutes to get back to our initial focus zone after being disturbed.

BuzziPuzzle from BuzziSpace | YLiving
BuzziPuzzle from BuzziSpace

At BuzziSpace, we see our mission as providing the best possible acoustic environment with visual and sound privacy. A well-balanced room will enhance a positive work environment in a home or office, positively impacting well-being and decreasing stress.

BuzziSkin Wall Covering from BuzziSpace | YLiving
BuzziSkin Wall Covering By Sas Adriaenssens, from BuzziSpace

Q: What do you wish people knew about acoustics?

A: That balanced sound should not be a luxury. Here’s an interesting illustration—picture an office. How often do you see a CEO working outside of a private space? Why should the bulk of employees, who work as many hours as upper management, suffer with open floor plan spaces that do not allow a space for acoustical refuge?

It’s our philosophy to offer good design for all—meaning sound, aesthetics and sustainability. We consider all factors in everything we create.

BuzziTwist Divider By Sas Adriaenssens, from BuzziSpace | YLiving
BuzziTwist Divider from BuzziSpace

Q: How does BuzziSpace proceed when confronted with a problematic space?

A: We have different approaches depending on the acoustical issue. We developed our own RT60 app, which enables you to measure the reverberation in any give room, and offer suggestions.

BuzziSpace | YLiving
RT60 App by BuzziSpace

Q: Which type of space would you consider the hardest to balance?

A: The most challenging spot in the workplace is the meeting room. It is the heartbeat of the office. It’s very challenging as you have to take into consideration different changing circumstances such as alternating occupancy, video conferencing, Keynote presentations. All of these need a specific approach and treatment. In a meeting room the ultimate goal is crystal clear speech in all circumstances. In a home, it’s about creating a feeling of softness and comfort. There, it could be a baby’s room, a quiet dining space or home office.

BuzziTile 3D from BuzziSpace | YLiving
BuzziTile 3D – Large By Sas Adriaenssens, from BuzziSpace

Q: How do you set yourself apart from other players on the market?

A: BuzziSpace is quite unique. We are not followers but innovators. We have a strong sustainable focus on acoustics, but we also create new standards when it comes to developing furniture for collaborative workspaces.

BuzziCube 3D from BuzziSpace | YLiving
BuzziCube 3D from BuzziSpace

Our acoustical offerings are so diverse, multipurpose and functional that we might state to have a solution for every possible acoustical issue with a floor-standing, wall-applied or ceiling-pending product.

We have a dedicated acoustic department within our organization that constantly informs, supports and guides our customers. We also tour the world to teach people about acoustics through seminars. Buzzispace wants to share its passion for acoustics and well-being on a global scale.

BuzziMe By Axel Enthoven, from BuzziSpace | YLiving
BuzziMe By Axel Enthoven, from BuzziSpace

Visit YLiving’s BuzziSpace page here to see all of their current products. And feel free to call YLiving’s Sales Associates at 866.349.0981 who will be happy to assist with special orders or trade.

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Daniel Verlooven

Daniel Verlooven

Daniel Verlooven is BuzziSpace’s global acoustics ambassador. He is based in Antwerp, Belgium at the headquarters where design operations are lead. BuzziSpace is co-located in High Point, North Carolina where new products are made in the U.S.

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