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Editor’s Picks: Warm + Cozy Throws

Nothing beats the winter blues quite like a warm and cozy throw. Not only does it keep you warm, it’s a great way to add bright color or a playful pattern to help liven up decor during the long, grey winter.

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The Icons: Modern Side Chairs

What is an icon? Something that stands the test of time, something that is immediately recognizable as one the best representations of its particular category. In this case, we’re focusing on side chairs. There’s a lot of competition in this category, so it takes a bit more to stand out as an icon. But we think the following 10 modern side chairs do so with ease.

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Editor’s Picks: Design Objects for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means everyone from family members to guests seem to migrate to it. No longer locked away and out of view from the rest of the home, today’s open floor plans put the kitchen front and center and integrate it into the common living space. For both of these reasons, product designs for the kitchen have come a long way.

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Editor’s Picks: 11 Gifts for the Modern Mom

Since the early 20th century, we’ve taken the second Sunday in May to honor, bond with and celebrate our mothers and the contributions they’ve made to our lives. This Mother’s Day, help Mom get a little more modern design in her life with a gift that she can make good use of everyday.

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Editor’s Picks: Must-Haves for a Garden Revamp

Spring is officially in full swing. Instead of focusing your energy on drab spring cleaning indoors, enjoy the newfound sunshine with a facelift to your garden. No matter the space—whether a tiny rooftop garden in New York City or rolling hills in the Napa Valley—this is a must-have list for any modern gardener to get excited for the season ahead.

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Editor’s Picks: Colorful Spring Home Accessories

Spring has sprung, and there really isn’t a better time to brighten up our living spaces with some fresh and vibrant colors. Getting into the spirit of the season doesn’t have to mean redecorating your entire house (or breaking the bank). Adding some colorful, beautiful accessories is where it’s at for a cheerful spring update.

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Cube Tablet Stand By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon|YLiving Desk Accessories

Accessories For an Organized + Well Dressed Desk

Having an organized desk is one thing, but having a desk that’s organized and well dressed is another. Creating the perfect balance of practical and modern boils down to having the right desk accessories. Get an organized and well-dressed desk at the home or office with these top desk accessories. 

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10 Design Favorites For the Kid at Heart

Hands down, it’s difficult being a responsible adult, and it’s not always the most enjoyable task either. And while we can’t exactly turn back the clock to relive simpler times, we can at least fuel the free-spirited inner child with a few fun and quirky pieces to sprinkle around the home. Here are a few favorites to channel the modern kiddo in all of us:

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