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Color Story

Adding Color to Outdoor Spaces

The impact color has on a landscape cannot be understated. It literally sets the tone for any and all outdoor activities. Fortunately, injecting color into your outdoor living spaces doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Even with minimally designed furniture, lighting and modern textiles, you can bring your outdoor space to life with colors and textures that complement the natural backdrop of the great outdoors.

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Color Pop: Yellow

August has arrived, reminding us to take advantage of the joys of summer before the new school year begins and the weather slowly begins to transition to fall. As we enjoy every remaining day of summer, nothing communicates happiness and fun like the color yellow.

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Color Pop: Blue

Ahhh, summer! The sun is shining, the air is hot, resorts and outdoor events are in full swing and vacation is at the top of everyone’s list. As a result, I find my thoughts drifting to the Greek Isles, tropical beaches, lazy days and the incredibly inviting blue waters of these locales. Just one look at cool blue, and the temperature seems to drop a few degrees.

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Color Pop: White

Summer has arrived, wedding season is in full swing and beautiful June brides prepare for their walk down the aisle. What time of year could be more perfect for celebrating the color white?

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Color Pop: Orange

Flowers are blooming and spring is in full swing as we fast approach summer. What better color to represent this time of year than bright and cheerful orange? One of my favorite colors, it wasn’t always the case. Some people think of orange as brash and hard to work with, and I admit I found it a little intimidating. Then I saw an office design with orange as the main color and I fell in love. It was sleek,minimal, and modern in all the right ways.

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Color Pop: Green

So long winter! Spring has sprung! And in honor of this season of new beginnings, I’ve selected some of my favorite modern accessories in a range of greens from delicate to deep and vibrant. The color of vitality and fresh growth, interior designers use green in spaces to foster creativity and productivity – perfect for spring!

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