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Design Trend: All Hail Maximalism

It’s official. More is more. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with austerity, the design trend toward minimalism has started to fade away in the wake of a large wave of rather extravagant furniture and home decor designs.

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Living in a Pickle Factory (and 4 More Unique Home Conversions)

One of the greatest things about modern design is the concept of taking old, traditional designs and re-imagining them in new and exciting ways. There are table lamps that can charge your phone, console tables that can extend to the length of a full dining table and even mirrors that double as a television. However, the reinventing of designs isn’t limited to furniture, lighting or decor. It even extends to where you call home.

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Bringing Home a Modern Italian Design Vibe

At the mention of Italian design, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Modern. Luxury. Avant-garde. With a well-established design history going back centuries, it would be fair to say that the Italian aesthetic has become a mainstay of modern design.

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Color Pop: Red

Fall is my favorite time of year and I really love the bright colors of turning leaves. My favorite color among the fall leaves is by far red. Vibrant and bold, red is a color that stands out anywhere and calls out for your attention.

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Pink Home Accents and Acessories

Color Pop: Pink Home Accessories + Decor

Fall has officially arrived according to the calendar, although for many of us we are still enjoying the last remnants of summer sun and warm days. School is back in session and many students are experiencing life away from home for the first time as they begin college life. A time of transition and change for many

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Modern Design Trends: Look Up! Top Ideas for Your Ceiling

Not all modern interior design trends are easy to adopt without considering a remodel of some degree. But one modern wall decor trend that’s sweeping the design world is incorporating an unlikely place into the design scheme: the ceiling. Look up and don’t miss out on ways to bring your ceiling in on this trend. From subtle to popping, here are our top ceiling color ideas.

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Modern Design |YLiving

Warming up to Modern Design

The clean lines of modernism can be considered sparse and cold. But modern design is warming up to an inviting new look. If you’ve shied away from the classic modern thinking its too harsh and sparse, here are five ways to get the new take on modern design.

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Pantone’s Colors of the Year

Everyone is a buzz with Pantone’s colors of the year. Both Rose Quartz and Serenity have taken the design world by storm and we are just as excited for this unique color combo. At first this unusual color combo seemed out of the ordinary, but it’s been growing on us ever since we rang in the New Year. Here’s a list of some of our favorite modern furniture to help give you a look at how to use these modern color trends of 2016 in your living spaces. 

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Color Story: Jewel Tones

Winter just seems to provide the perfect backdrop for jewel tones, and these semi-precious hues are popping this time of year. Jewel tones pair perfectly with the rich hues of the holidays. Ruby red and emerald green, yellow topaz and sapphire blue, these modern furniture favorites were made to be dressed in vivid gemstone colors.

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