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Minimalist Bedroom Designs

Create yourself a sanctuary for sleep by rethinking the design of your overstuffed bedroom. Minimalist design is the key to achieving a lighter, airier and tranquil modern bedroom.

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Treat Yourself to a New Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be the ultimate retreat. With our days getting longer and busier, it’s critical to have that space to relax and unwind at the end of the day. If the modern bedroom doesn’t reflect who you are, then you’ll never be able to truly enjoy it. But with some simple changes, you can make the space of your dreams. 

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Modern Statement |YLiving

10 Tips for Painting an Accent Wall in the Bedroom

Recently, I’ve been delving into the world of paint and I’m on the search for the perfect accent wall color. I’ve had about a dozen paint swatches sitting onto my bedroom walls for weeks now without narrowing my choices. Since I’ve been struggling myself, here are 10 tips for painting an accent wall to make a statement with your modern bedroom

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Global Designs: Make 2016 the Year of Travel

It’s possible to bring an international flavor to your interior without ever having to leave your home by adding select modern pieces from around the globe. For this mix, we selected modern furniture  and accessories from Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and England, to help give your space some flair from a handful of European designers. Check it out:

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New Year New Linens

New Year, new linens. We think an upgrade in bedding is a great way to welcome the new year. There’s something about fresh new bedding that’s just the best. Here are our picks of some of the best looking modern bedding.

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The Everyday Luxury of Coyuchi

When does modern bedding become more than just bedding? When does an everyday item become a luxury? Enter Coyuchi, whose innovative line of modern bedding, bath and kitchen textiles are novel not only in their quality, but also in their company philosophy.

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Modern Bedroom Inspiration: The Best Platform Beds

Modern Bedroom Ideas: Pick a Platform Bed

The ultimate must-have for the modern bedroom? A platform bed, of course. Built so the mattress sits directly atop a solid or slatted base, platform beds are a no-nonsense solution to achieving a clean and modern bedroom sanctuary. To me, ‘modern bedroom’ means clean, sleek, and chic. For yours, here are 10 dreamy platform beds that exude all of the above to inspire your bedroom decor. 

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Rachel Bedding From Missoni Home|YLiving

Bringing Color and Pattern into the Modern Bedroom

Some people take a spa-like approach to their modern bedroom décor, sticking with a neutral palette, white sheets, and minimal visual distractions—creating a serene, minimalist space for sleeping and reflection. That’s well and good—those are beautiful spaces. But, personally, I’m into pattern and color these days; and no one does pattern better than Missoni Home, so I’ve plumbed its collections to find my favorite picks for the modern bedroom.

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