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The Future Of Toilets

Toilets are the unsung heroes of household fixtures. No one wants to live without one, but as soon as we’re done using it we don’t like thinking about it. And while technological advancements have been made in other areas of the house, the toilet has remained stagnate.

But no more.

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Italian Design Essentials from Connubia

As an offshoot of Calligaris, Italian furniture design company, Connubia, was formed to focus on fine dining “essentials.” By pairing the design skills of the tireless team behind the brand with artisan craftsmanship, a “marriage” (or “connubium,” in Latin) of fine Italian design has resulted.

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George Nelson Clocks |YLiving

Spring Forward With George Nelson Clocks + Giveaway

The start of daylight-saving time is just around the corner and this time of year is always a good reminder that a beautiful timekeeper can go a long way. One of our favorites are the mid-century modern favorites designed by George Nelson in the 1940s and 1950s. These classic pieces of design are full of life vintage appeal that still looks great in a modern home.

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T-Table Side Table from Bosa|YLiving Bosa

Get Cheeky With Bosa’s Ceramic Home Accessories

Bosa sculpts cheeky ceramic home accessories that bring a touch of sophistication and whimsy to the modern home. Applying a fresh interpretation of ceramic craftsmanship to ancient techniques, Bosa transforms formal and functional conventions into fantastical worlds with the multitude of pieces that have caught our eye. So keep reading to see some our favorite modern home accessories by Bosa.

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blankblank |YLiving

The Eye-Catching Lighting + Furniture of BlankBlank

I have to say, blankblank creates some of the most unique and eye-catching designs. Artistic and innovative, they bring something different to the table that I appreciate. Even more so, I admire their commitment to sustainability and constant search for reducing the environmental footprint. I’ve grabbed five of my favorite pieces from blankblank to show off this rare brand.

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Marcel Wanders’ Circus Collection From Alessi

Marcel Wanders is by far one of my favorite designers. I love his attention to detail and especially the out-of-the-box thinking that goes into his designs. They’re clever, witty, unexpected and quite frequently, a bit cheeky. His recent collaborations with Italian design company Alessi have introduced two new collections: the Circus Collection and the Dressed for X-mas Collection. Today we introduce to you the Circus Collection.

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Knoll |YLiving

Design Icons: Knoll Marble Classics

Marble is a luxurious material; its cool, smooth surface carries a unique beauty that has a voice of its own, and Knoll knows a thing or two about working with this highly sought after stone. For over 50 years, Knoll has been working alongside master craftsmen to create breathtaking and timeless pieces topped with marble. From the quarry to you, this is the story of Knoll Marble Classics and five of our favorites.

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