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Bring Design Home: Hermès Showroom

You might not think so at first, but some stylish-looking retail stores populate the world’s malls, downtowns, and shopping centers. From high-end, ultra-modern to more down-to-earth rustic, a wide variety of design-driven retail stores can be found. In fact, when designing your home, you would do well to pay attention to some of these stores, for they possess many of the same elements that would serve a personal living space.

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Huppé for 50 Years

In this competitive world we live in, it is quite a thing for a company to last for 10 years, let alone 50. But that’s just what Huppé has done. It’s no small feat, so we wanted to take the time and chat with them to get their perspective on what it takes to stay in business–and even thrive–for half a century.

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How Florence Knoll Revolutionized How People Work

Post-World War II brought on massive change for the U.S., especially when it came to design. With the economy booming, America began to take on a new shape within the home and the office. The latter was due largely to the contributions of one woman. Opulent offices became a thing of the past after Florence Knoll stepped in to change the modern workspace.

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Nanimarquina Turns 30

30 years ago, when Nani Marquina embarked on the adventure of establishing her own company, the textile market was sorely lacking in designs that reflected the current aesthetic. To change that, Marquina’s company, nanimarquina, merged expert craftsmanship and traditional weaving techniques with contemporary design and exceptional quality. The result was the revolution of the classic area rug.

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Duravit: 200 Years in the Bathroom

This year Duravit celebrates its bicentennial. Two centuries of creating some of the highest quality sinks, toilets, bathtubs and other bathroom products on the market. 2,400 months committed to innovation and quality design. 73,000 days dedicated to redefining what the term “bathroom” can really mean. 200 years, in short, in the biz.

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Catching Up With Joe Cariati

Creating beauty with fire, breath and glass, Joe Cariati designs and creates exquisite glass vessels that are thin, colorful and modern. Each glass piece is made one at a time using the “free blown” method, a Venetian glassblowing process that is purely hands-on.

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Bathroom Past, Present & Future at Hansgrohe Aquademie

At first, when hearing of such a thing as a bath museum, one might imagine rows of various toilets, tubs and sinks with little plaques and historical blurbs—which could be interesting if you really nerd out on bathroom fixtures. However, for us design-driven folks, there is actually a bath museum where attendees can immerse themselves (at times, literally) in the world of water and modern decorative plumbing. 

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Milo Baughman: Good Design is Enduring Design

“Furniture that is too obviously designed is very interesting, but too often belongs only in museums.” So said Milo Baughman (1923-2003), a leading modern furniture designer of the mid and late 20th century. Perhaps no other statement he made about design can better encapsulate and convey the characteristic restraint and uncompromising good taste that pervaded his work throughout his career.

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Kartell Componibili at Milan Furniture Fair

Highlights From The Milan Furniture Fair

Last week, our team returned from Milan Design Week, a week-long event that includes the Milan Furniture Fair along with countless exhibits, product launches, installations and events all over the city. This is the design industry’s Superbowl—a chance to unveil fresh new designs, for up-and-coming creators to make their debut to the world and to gauge the ideas and concepts that will lead the design movement in the near future.

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