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Rug Buyer’s Guide

Look at that area rug over there. Nice, right? It really ties the room together. Its pattern is gorgeous, complicated without being confusing. Notice the fibers. Bet you can already feel them beneath your feet, between your toes. Go ahead, wiggle your toes a bit; I will not judge.

Just one question: Is it really the right rug for you?

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Stand Up for Healthy Working

Can’t stand to sit too long? Common sense, scientific studies (and your sore bottom) have made it crystal clear: Sitting all day is really, really bad for you.

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How to Furnish Open Concept Spaces the Right Way

So you’re considering knocking down that wall between the kitchen and the living room, or maybe you’ve recently acquired a home with an open floor plan. What next? Before you go wild and dive headfirst into designing the space, here are a few points to consider to help you maximize your open concept space.

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How to Maintain Outdoor Furniture

When the weather isn’t too cold and the sky is clear, that means more time you can spend outside. It also means that you’ll need patio and lounge furniture to help you while away the hours al fresco in comfort and style. Such pieces can take a lot of abuse from the elements, of course. So in order to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors any time of the year, it’s important to maintain your outdoor furniture the right way.

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High-Design Ways for Kids to Enjoy the Outdoors

One of the greatest joys of summer is the ability to go outside whenever you want, to lounge with a drink or enjoy a good read. Children enjoy doing the same things, but in somewhat more imaginative settings. We’ve come up with a few modern and innovative ways for you to incorporate an outdoor space where your child can read or play in style.

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How to Design a Hangout-Worthy Kitchen

No matter how wonderfully decorated and comfortable your home may be, everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen. Whether you’re hosting a formal gathering, an anniversary celebration, or simply the kids doing their homework, the kitchen is, without fail, the happening place to be.

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