Ahhh, summer! The sun is shining, the air is hot, resorts and outdoor events are in full swing and vacation is at the top of everyone’s list. As a result, I find my thoughts drifting to the Greek Isles, tropical beaches, lazy days and the incredibly inviting blue waters of these locales. Just one look at cool blue, and the temperature seems to drop a few degrees.

Associated with communication, strength and trust, blue is a popular design color for businesses, healthcare facilities, and places intended for relaxation. Designers use blue to convey a sense of peace and tranquility, making it the perfect choice for bedrooms, baths, or just about any room indoors or out! So let’s take a deep breathe and create a sense of calm in our surroundings with one, or more, of these tranquil blue modern accents.


  1. Ship Shape Container with Spatula by Alessi – I just love this little container. From the tranquil blue color to the ship shape that calls to mind cruises to far off destinations, this container will make a splash on your table. As an added bonus the smoke plume cleverly disguises a spatula!
  2. Tube Top Table Lamp by Pablo – The crisp, clean lines of this lamp are the perfect hint of blue next to the bed or your favorite lounge chair.
  3. Wendy Bathroom Stool by Nameeks – Bathe in style with this fun bathroom stool. Crafted from easy-care thermoplastic resins, flip it over and you have a useful bucket with handles!
  4. Jo Blue Sheets by Missoni Home – Everyone deserves a luxurious nights sleep! These deep blue sheets feature Missoni’s trademark zigzags subtly crafted in varying shades of blue. The zigzags give the sheets an almost wave-like quality that perfectly compliments a tranquil blue bedroom.
  5. Roots Laptop Case by Zuzunaga – The beautiful, deep blue pixelated pattern of this laptop case calls to mind ocean waves moving across the surface.
  6. Stone Stool by Kartell – Use it as a side table or handy stool, either way this pop of blue catches the eye by refracting and playing with the light.
  7. National Geographic 04 Pillow by Jaipur – Something about this pillow just calls for you to lay your head down and sleep. I love the range of blue tones, feather motif, and the way the tan emphasizes the design.
  8. (Fatboy)Red Snacklight by Fatboy – This ingenious little serving set comes with three bowls, one lamp and a tray. The bowls have an anti-slip coating and the lamp has a magnet to keep them secure on the tray and prevent spills. Additionally, Fatboy® USA contributes 10% of the purchase price from every Snacklight purchase to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.
  9. Firenze Wall Clock by Alessi – I’m obsessed with clocks and this one is no exception. I love the contrast of the large roman numerals against the cool, soothing blue.
  10. Veneziano Plate Set by Zafferano – Who wouldn’t love to eat off these exquisite plates? The Venetian optical pattern plays with the light and would set a fantastic table any time of the year.
  11. Diabolix Bottle Opener by Alessi – He’s so cute I just want to hug him! One of my favorite things about many of Alessi’s designs is the character they give practical everyday pieces, and Diabolix is no exception! This handy guy will open your refreshing beverage with his charming smile. A magnet keeps him within easy reach.
  12. Warp Vase by Tom Dixon – Talk about a show stopper! This vase from Tom Dixon is completely mesmerizing. From the intriguing, irregular shape, to the iridescent finish, this vase is gorgeous with or without flowers.
  13. Joy N.11 Bowl by Alessi – I love the pattern of this bowl. Whether placed by the door as a handy catch-all or as a table centerpiece, Joy N. 11 will certainly brighten up the space.

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Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

Nicole is the Sr. Site Merchandiser for Accessories, Kids, and Textiles at YLiving. She is obsessed with great design in all forms with a special love for jewelry, wine bottle labels, and tableware. When she’s not exploring the many museums and art galleries of the Bay Area, Nicole spends time looking for and visiting obscure and unusual destinations (locally and abroad) while practicing her photography skills.

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