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Color Pop: Silver Home Accents + Decor

As the year draws to a close, the weather turns cold and the holidays approach, people everywhere are taking stock for the arrival of the New Year. This time of reflection and preparing for new beginnings is the perfect time to embrace the color silver. Associated with reflection, a change of direction, the opening of new doors, prestige, wealth and lighting the way to the future, silver embodies all the possibilities of the coming year.

Silver is a versatile color that can be viewed as a utilitarian color when associated with industrial or urban design. However incorporate silver into a hi-tech, modern, or minimalist environment and suddenly silver becomes sparkling, elegant, celebratory and alluring. Silver’s reflective nature enables its chameleon-like behavior because it mirrors is surroundings allowing it to adapt to the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room or office with ease.  An ideal addition to any home, I have gathered up a selection of my favorite silver accessories to adorn any room.



Color Pop: Silver | YLiving Design Trends
Modern Accessories + Lighting in Silver



1. Ellipse Stainless Steel Set of 3 Trays by Alessi

Sleek, simple design makes the Ellipse Stainless Steel Trays versatile and useful for any room in the house. Use it on a desk to hold pens and pencils, place it on the vanity to hold hair ties, use it serve simple hors d’oeuvres or place it on a shelf or table for a decorative touch. The set includes three sizes so you can pick just the right size for the task.

2. Patio Pod by Retrobullet

Straight from the pages of a Sci-Fi novel, the Patio Pod’s design was first manufactured in 1950’s. Use it as a planter or cooler, either way it will look hip indoors or out.

3. Bourgie Table Lamp by Kartell

Baroque turns sleek and modern in the design of the Bourgie Table Lamp. Known for their innovation with modern plastics, Kartell has drenched this iconic design in bright, shining silver. A striking piece for the bedside table, living room or office, Bourgie will complement any personal style.

4. Tactile Bowl by Menu A/S

The Tactile Bowl is a low and wide bowl that would be a great catch-all by the front door, on a dresser or on a vanity. The slightly recessed upper edge of the bowl gives the design an air of refinement that is beautifully simplistic.

5. Etch Wood Tea Light Holder by Tom Dixon

Digitally manufactured, this geometric tea light holder will cast brilliant shadows around the room. Etched into each surface of the Etch Wood Tea Light Holder are organic wood grain patterns that create the intriguing shadows once illuminated.

6. Brushed Soap Dispenser by Eva Solo

Leave boring soap dispensers behind by replacing them with the Brushed Soap Dispenser. With a sleek and industrial vibe, this soap dispenser will look fantastic in the kitchen or bathroom.

7. Tube Speakers by Leff Amsterdam

Who says an accessory can only be decorative? The Tube Audio Speaker is portable and provides a full, robust sound despite its small size. Pair it with the Tube Clock, and you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing, yet highly functional, combo.

8. Seamo Magazine Rack by Blomus

While everything may have gone digital some things, like books and magazines, are just more fun to enjoy in physical form. The downside of these lovely items is the possibility of clutter. However the Seamo Magazine Holder eliminates that problem by offering a stylish place to corral all those wayward magazines. With a sleek and modern design, this magazine rack offers a convenient handle so you can keep your favorite magazines handy anywhere in the house.

9. Stones Round Flower Vase by Steelforme

The Stones Round Flower Vase offers a unique way to highlight your seasonal blooms. The round shape coupled with sleek stainless steel has a refined air that just says luxury. Laser cut along the top, an intricate, nature inspired stone pattern unifies the design of cool metal and fresh flowers.

10. Mini Flower Offering Chair by Bosa

This charming vase is one of the intriguing, avant-garde designs you’ll find from Bosa. Hand-crafted every step of the way, the Mini Flower Offering Chair is perfect for highlighting two exquisite blooms.

11. Kontra Vacuum Jug by Stelton

Vacuum jugs are handy items for keeping drinks warm and at the ready, but they usually are very utilitarian in nature. Now, you can enjoy a wonderful modern design and a warm beverage at the same time with the Kontra Vacuum Jug. Made with all the quality and care you expect from Stelton, the slender handle and fluted spout make this jug stand out in every way.

12. Norm Wall Clock by Menu A/S

If you are a fan of minimalism, then the Norm Wall Clock is for you. The stainless steel surface is completely unadorned, broken only by the slender hands that mark the passage of time.

13. Double Candle Holder by Menu A/S

Dance and movement inspired the design of the entwined Double Candle Holder. Significantly sized, the two stainless steel candle sticks seem to embrace one another, making them the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary.

14. Serenity Bowl by Zaha Hadid Designs

Known for her organic designs, the Serenity Bowl is a perfect example of Zaha Hadid’s use of fluid curves and lines. From the basin to the rippled edge, this bowl is both functional and a work of art at the same time.

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