Summer has arrived, wedding season is in full swing and beautiful June brides prepare for their walk down the aisle. What time of year could be more perfect for celebrating the color white? The sum of all colors of light, white can pair with anything and look fabulous. Select deep, saturated colors for bold contrast or softer, lighter colors for a calm and serene space. White is such a basic and relied on neutral color, there are more shades of white available commercially than any other color. Just take a quick trip to the paint department and you’ll be amazed at all the different shades of white!

Conveying a sense of cleanliness, order, and serenity, it’s no wonder white is such a popular color. In interior design, white provides a sense of simplicity, wholeness, equality, and renewal. That sense of order and minimalism makes white an absolute must for modern designs. Today I’ve rounded up a selection of some of my favorite accessories in white. Sure to please, these pieces are the ideal pop of white.



  1. Albergo Bluetooth Clock Radio by Tivoli Audio – This alarm clock radio offers a sleek design, minimal display controls and fantastic sound. A fabulous addition to the nightstand or kitchen counter.
  2. Ceramic Giraffe by Jonathan Adler – A playful interpretation of the giraffe, the clean white design adds additional interest with a bold, graphic texture. A great addition to a bookshelf or console table.
  3. Block Table by Normann Copenhagen – Handy wheels make this side table/cart a handy addition to the kitchen, laundry room, or any area you need additional surface space. I love the contrast of the white and natural wood.
  4. Afteroom Coat Hanger by Menu A/S – I love the graphic look of this wall hanger. A great addition where space is tight.
  5. Submarino by Seletti – I think this bathroom accessory is just adorable. Each section is held together using a magnet so they can be separated if desired. Two lidded containers are great for cotton balls and hair ties. The remaining pieces are a toothbrush holder and a soap pump.
  6. Eiffel Aluminum Stool by RS Barcelona – The bold, industrial look of this stool is certainly eye-catching. Easily moves from room to room, including outside! You can also use it as a convenient side table.
  7. Cosmic NKI 28 Pillow and Heron Pillow by Jaipur – Pillows are one of the easiest ways to accent your room without a huge commitment. The texture on these accent pillows add extra depth and dimension giving them more interest and contrast on your sofa.
  8. Rotary Tray by Vitra – I love the two tiers of this tray that can really be used anywhere. Place it by the front door as a handy catch all, use it to organize the desk or store some fruit on the kitchen counter.
  9. Prime Oriental Scented Medium Candle by Zaha Hadid Design – Not just an architect, Zaha Hadid designed home items as well. I love the intriguing look of this candle and how much it reflects her architectural designs. It’s even more interesting when lit because the light glows through the porcelain.
  10. Tile 25 Clock by Leff Amstredam – I am addicted to clocks and just simply love them. This little gem is simple and minimal. I adore the accent provided by the bamboo hands.
  11. Juicy Salif White by Alessi – Philippe Starck’s iconic design for Alessi turns white! A piece of modern design history that will look fantastic on your kitchen counter.
  12. Charade Greek Key Frame by Jonathan Adler – A beautiful frame to hold cherished memories. It would also make a wonderful bridal gift.

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Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

Nicole is the Sr. Site Merchandiser for Accessories, Kids, and Textiles at YLiving. She is obsessed with great design in all forms with a special love for jewelry, wine bottle labels, and tableware. When she’s not exploring the many museums and art galleries of the Bay Area, Nicole spends time looking for and visiting obscure and unusual destinations (locally and abroad) while practicing her photography skills.

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