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Color Pop: Yellow

August has arrived, reminding us to take advantage of the joys of summer before the new school year begins and the weather slowly begins to transition to fall. As we enjoy every remaining day of summer, nothing communicates happiness and fun like the color yellow. From deep amber to bright hues, this optimistic color can inspire enthusiasm, confidence and new ideas.

Yellow is the most highly visible color to the human eye and it processes this color first. Your peripheral vision can see yellow 2.5 times more than the color red for example. When yellow is combined with black, we tend to associate it with a warning which is why we see it on traffic signs, school buses and wet floor signs. In interior design, yellow conveys warmth, cheerfulness, and happiness. When incorporated into a room, yellow stimulates the left side of the brain encouraging creativity, mental agility, communication, inquisitiveness and clarity. Highly light reflective, yellow is a great color to bring light into darker spaces like a hallway. However, too much yellow can be a bit overwhelming which is why yellow is the perfect accent color. Whether in the breakfast nook, on the porch or the living room, cheerful yellow is an uplifting pop of color.


  1. Smiley XL Lamp by Mr. Maria: Most everyone will recognize this iconic happy face. In this case, he’s a large, charming LED lamp that can add a touch of whimsy to any room in your home. Quite the conversation starter, Smiley features a dimmer switch so you can control the light intensity.
  2. Wrap Object by Sklo: Crafted by master glass workers in the Czech Republic, each sculpture is created from a single tube of glass. A stunning accent piece, no two are exactly alike.
  3. Urban Bungalow Doha Rug by Jaipur: This delightful rug is a fun addition to the home. Available in a range of sizes beginning at 2″ x 3″, this rug would be a welcoming addition to the foyer.
  4. Ellipse Desk Set by Alessi: Brighten your desk space with this fun desk set. The letter holder and accessory tray are crafted from steel using Alessi’s world renowned cutting and bending process.
  5. Klaid Blanket by Fatboy: Snuggle up on the couch for movie night with a friend or two…or three… or even four. This extremely oversized blanket is perfect for sharing with friends.
  6. Upper Step Ladder by Kartell: Practical items don’t have to be the usual black or gray. Kartell’s translucent step ladder is available in several bright hues including this fantastic yellow.
  7. Bristle Magnification Pillow by Surya: I love the abstract design of this pillow. At first it made me thing of sound waves, but I can also see the very close up pattern of a brush stroke from where this pillow’s name comes. A great accent for the sofa.
  8. Diamond Chambray Kitchen Towel Set by Coyuchi: You can never have enough kitchen towels and I really like the subtle yellow of this set woven from 100% organic cotton.
  9. Tigrito Cat Bowl by Alessi: How adorable is this cat bowl? One side for water and the other food, or if your kitty likes both dry and wet food, you have a spot for both!
  10. Mr. Cold Liquid Soap Dispenser by Alessi: Kids and adults alike can enjoy a touch of fun in the bathroom with this funny liquid soap dispenser.
  11. Bon Bon Bowl, Set of 2 by Zafferano: These lighthearted bowls have won me over. I love that you don’t have to chose between the two pattern options because you get one of each in the set. Perfect for setting the breakfast table.
  12. Graves Kitchen Timer A09 by Alessi: Your phone can’t do everything at once so why not give it a break with this stylish kitchen timer? I just adore the nostalgic resemblance to a wind-up toy key.

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Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

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