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How to Complete Your Modern Bedroom

It’s a common conundrum: You buy a bed and nightstands, then find yourself unsure how to round out the modern bedroom, be that with a chair, a mirror, an armoire, or throw pillows. How much is too much and how to ensure these various elements work well together? San Francisco-based Matthew Leverone has confronted these questions many times in his 25 years as an interior designer, which means he has a few tricks up his sleeve. He has answered your questions about modern bedroom furniture.

Matthew Leverone

Other than the obvious bed and bedside table, what else would you add here?

Matthew Leverone: Storage, rugs, and seating are important elements to consider. If the bedroom has space, always allow for at least one comfortable lounge chair. I’m particularly fond of the Saarinen Womb Chair. It’s a classic, available in bright colors for that wanted pop of color, and extremely comfortable. You’ll sit in that chair and never want to leave it, especially if you pair it with a small side table and floor lamp. And don’t forget about artwork, which is key to a successful room and too often left out. As for the big television, I say hide it when you can—even though they are better-looking these days than ever.

Saarinen Womb Chair | YLiving
Saarinen Womb Chair from Knoll

What about screens and benches?

ML: Screens are a nice way to bring some height to the room or as a backdrop to a corner chair. They add an element of interest, and a great bedroom is all about layering. I’m drawn to the Eames Screen in walnut with its undulating form.

When the room is large, I always add a bench at the end of the bed, like the Nelson Bench. It’s a classic that will never go out of style. It gives you a place to throw the duvet when not needed, and allows you to add pattern and color that compliments the bedding.

Eames Screen | YLiving
Eames Screen from Herman Miller

You mentioned storage. What adds to the look of a bedroom?

ML: Dressers can always add impact to a room. They don’t need to look so utilitarian. Find one with interesting details and character like the Blue Dot Modu-licious Unit. I also like to use a credenza in the bedroom. It’s not your standard dresser but has a similar function. I like the simplicity of the Catalina Credenza and a TV can easily sit on top if needed.

Blue Dot Modu-licious Unit | YLiving
Modu-licious Unit from Bludot

Is there some special way to arrange furniture in a bedroom?

ML:  I always think in terms of symmetry: Credenza or armoire opposite the bed, and place a lounge chair, side table, and reading light off to the side.

What are some other pieces I can use to round out my furniture?

ML: Creating a composition of arranged objects on nightstands or dressers adds personality to the room. I’m drawn to the elliptical shape of the Moon 2 Drawer Nightstand, and the stepped-drawer detail of the Air Nightstand. Their great shapes enhance a bedroom. On top of these you can create a tableau of simple objects to go with a modern lamp and clock and a stack of favorite books. A simple bowl like Tom Dixon’s Form Bowls sitting on the nightstand will collect pocket change and keep a nightstand orderly.

Every bedroom needs a full-length mirror, especially if there isn’t one in an adjacent bath or closet area. I’ve always liked the idea of a mirror leaning against the wall, like the Piedmont Tall Mirror. It creates an impressive statement.

Tom Dixon’s Form Bowls | YLiving
Form Bowls from Tom Dixon

How do you accessorize a small bedroom?

ML: This is where artwork can play an important role. And you can add some interesting pillows or fun bedside table lamps. I love the Missoni Humbert throw and throw pillows. How playful are these?


Lisa Li

Lisa Li

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