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Trending: Concrete Designs by Urbia

Simple, yet classic, we’re seeing cool concrete furniture pop into modern workspaces and homes, both indoors and out. Most associate driveways and sidewalks with concrete, but the new to YLiving brand Urbia gives us a look into spring’s hot furniture trend: bringing concrete pieces into our living spaces. We’ll give you an inside look of the Urbia concrete products to help you create this cool modern look in your home.

As Spring approaches, the weather is getting warmer and adding concrete to your house invites a “cooling” look and feel that gives us a little mental relief from the increasing temperature. Concrete is made up of some of simple resources: gravel, sand, cement, and water. When poured and shaped for the purpose of furniture, the results are cool and modern pieces that bring a distinctive urban feel to any room in your home. Take a look:

Dining Room

Concrete Furniture |YLiving
Urbia Chicago Dining Table from Urbia

The Chicago Dining Table is a great addition to the dining room. Suitable for inside and outside, it gives a true modern touch to the center of the room. With the ability to comfortably seats 6, with its concrete top and stainless steel base, this table makes a beautiful and industrial statement. It keeps the dining room cool and sleek while enjoying a delicious meal with your family and friends.

Living Room

Concrete Furniture |YLiving
Milan Coffee Table from Urbia

Urbia captures a good assortment of fun and classic cool concrete pieces for all living room necessities from coffee tables, stools, planters, and side tables. I absolutely love the contrast that this piece has between the glass and the concrete. It definitely gives it that natural look while still keeping the piece modern. Just imagine incorporating this urban piece into the center of your living room!

Concrete Furniture |YLiving
Stax Nesting Table – Set of 2 from Urbia

A cool way to place your knickknacks around the living room, these Stax Nesting Table – Set of 2 is stylish, yet functional. You can really arrange them anywhere and any way you want!

Concrete Furniture |YLiving
Finn Planters – Set of 2 from Urbia

With the Finn Planters – Set of 2, you get a short and tall vase. What a fun, yet subtle way to sprinkle some concrete style into the living room.


Concrete Furniture |YLiving
You High Desk from Urbia

The office doesn’t have to be a boring and stuffy place anymore, and concrete furniture is a fun way to mix things up in your workspace. Incorporate the You High Desk to make working collaboratively a fun and stylish environment. Elegant and simple, the desk is an easy piece to complement the other pieces around your modern office.

Concrete Furniture |YLiving
Industrial Stool from Urbia

Speaking of working collaboratively in the office, the Industrial Stool is the perfect seating piece to add to the work space. Small and nimble, the stool is light in weight and easy to move around. Use it for sitting or resting a book or your afternoon cup of coffee.


Concrete Furniture |YLiving
Industrial Bench from Urbia

The Industrial Bench is a uniquely beautiful from its natural concrete finish and steel base. A great way to provide extra seating in outdoor areas, it can be used for both home and commercial setting. Whether you want to use it for your own backyard or a rooftop restaurant, the Industrial Bench is a modern piece that will draw attention indoors or outdoors.

Concrete Furniture |YLiving
Circa Dining Table and Una Stool from Urbia

Dining outside when the weather is warm is the best way to dine! With the Circa Dining Table and Una Stool for seating, these two are a perfect pair to create a cool concrete look for outdoors.

Concrete has such an amazing look and feel to it that can be used for tables, planters, and seating that will last for many years. Trendy and functional, these concrete furniture pieces by Urbia will be a great investment for your modern space.

Faustine Hom

Faustine Hom

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