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Deck Your Desk: 10 Home Office Accessory Must-Haves

Just because you spend 40-plus hours a week working doesn’t mean you can’t add some personality and even a little bit of bling to your home office. Given that a large majority of us spend our time sitting at a desk, we thought it would be appropriate–no actually, necessary–to give all those daily desk tools an inspiring face lift. So, take a few tips from our desktop picks and give those basic utilitarian pieces a modern vibe your clients, friends and family will envy.

Cog Pen Set by Tom Dixon

While you may spend most of your time typing on a keyboard, there are times when taking notes the old-fashioned way can’t be beat. Writing something down by hand helps your brain retain the information. And writing with the pens or mechanical pencil from the Cog Pen Set is such a pleasure you’ll be looking for excuses to ditch your computer.

Pixo Optical Table Lamp by Pablo

Sufficient and pleasant task lighting without glare is a must to help avoid eye strain. Pixo offers a sleek design and a small footprint so you can find space for it on even the smallest desk. LED lamping means it doesn’t give off a lot of heat and, as an added bonus, you can re-charge your phone using the USB port in the base.

Chip Magnetic Paperclip Holder by Alessi

Keep all those wayward paperclips neat, orderly and easy to find with Chip. This charming bird is magnetic, so any shape of metal paperclips will cling to his side until you need one. The stainless steel construction gives this bird’s silhouette a sleek, modern look so it doesn’t get too cutesy.

Cube Tape Dispenser by Tom Dixon

Oh so shiny and yet so functional. The Cube Tape Dispenser has taken a traditional desktop item and given it panache. The sharp, geometric lines are enhanced by a lacquered copper finish that will have you saying “wow” any time you tear off tape. Subtle indentations on the side offer a firm grip, so you don’t tear off more than you truly need.

Ampliear Magnifying Glass by ANNA by Rablabs

Get up close and personal on all those hard-to-read documents printed in a way-too-small font with the Ampliear Magnifying Glass. This hefty piece is crafted from natural gemstone and trimmed in shiny precious metal. It’s so beautiful to look at, any visitors to your home office will stop to admire it. When you’re not using it, Ampliear can serve as a paperweight.

Pen Pen Pencil Holder by Essey

Corral all those highlighters, sharpies, dry erase markers, scissors and anything else with the Pen Pen Pencil Holder. Resembling a slightly crushed paper cup, Pen Pen invites you contemplate it’s true nature for a moment of zen during a hectic work day.

Akto Tray by Blomus

The dreaded inbox becomes cool and sleek thanks to the Akto Tray. Stainless steel makes this stackable paper tray an inbox or outbox you won’t mind having on your desk. Sharp, angular lines and high sides will give you plenty of room whether you’re organizing assignments or just need a spot to keep letterhead and paper for the printer.

Kyuzo Bookends by MatterMade

Keep all those reference books neat and tidy with the Kyuzo Bookends. A simple silhouette and deep blue color make these bookends easy on the eyes. They are crafted from cast iron so they can keep even the heftiest books upright.

QLOCKTWO TOUCH Table Alarm Clock by Biegert & Funk

Just because you can see the time on your computer screen doesn’t mean you have to settle for telling time with boring numbers. The QLOCKTWO TOUCH Table Alarm Clock take time to a whole new realm by using words. Unexpected and interesting, this intriguing clock comes in a variety of colors and languages to make it truly your own and a definite conversation starter.

Ellipse Colored Steel Desk Set by Alessi

The two pieces in the Ellipse Desk Set provide you with the perfect spot for letters and a catchall for odds and ends in a fun, bright color. The minimal envelope holder and tray get their name from a bent elliptical shape that is simple, functional, and visually engaging. Whether you’re looking for a bright pop of color or sleek stainless steel, this set will get your desk organized.

These and many other designs are available to make working in your home office more chic and efficient. For more fun items to deck your desk, check out our selection of modern office accessoriesclocks and desktop lighting.

Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

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