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Design Story: Kohler’s Briolette Vessel Sink

Behind each of Kohler’s Artisan sinks is a design story all its own. With a bold geometric presence that’s delicate and refined, Kohler’s Briolette Vessel Sink has become the jewel of their Artisan Edition sinks.

Kohler |YLiving
Briolette™ Vessel Sink from KOHLER

We love how its delicate, yet durable construction creates a statement in bathrooms. The glass facets of the Briolette™ Vessel Sink catch and reflect the light, giving it a magical appearance that’s visually stunning and distinctive. Each of the four beautiful translucent glass options are as pretty as the last. It is the distinct interlocking geometric pattern, which is synonymous with the delicate facets of a precious gem, that has given Briolette its unique appearance. Melding classic with the modern, Briolette has a minimal aesthetic that blends the line between two opposing designs. But behind its refined appearance, the Briolette has a design story to tell.

Kohler | YLiving

Briolette™ Vessel Sink Artist’s Sketches from KOHLER

Inspired by faceted glass forms, the lead Kohler designer studied antique decorative crystal and cut diamonds, even modern architecture like the Beijing National Aquatic Stadium. It was within the delicate facets and the bold hexagonal architectural features that the distinctive shape and design of Briolette was born.

Kohler Artist Editions | YLiving
Diagram of Briolette™ Vessel Sink from KOHLER

Before the final shape and design was achieved, Kohler’s small team of glass artisans and designers tried out various prototypes of spun glass molds. Spun glass was an obvious choice for the Briolette Vessel Sink, as it allowed for achieving both a smooth interior and a dimensional exterior. This balance is ideal, allowing for the sink to have a practical beauty.

Kohler Artist Editions | YLiving
Briolette™ Vessel Sink from KOHLER

The design of the Briolette resulted from the collaborative effort between the glassmakers and the designers. Opening up this channel allowed for the initial design and productions stages of the Briolette to take on an organic course. Elements of the Briolette, like the elegant scalloped edges, which have become a distinctive feature of the final design, directly resulted from the cooperation of designers and glassmakers.

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