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Design Trend: All Hail Maximalism

It’s official. More is more. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with austerity, the design trend toward minimalism has started to fade away in the wake of a large wave of rather extravagant furniture and home decor designs. For those who seek a little adventure in decorating and are ready to explore—rejoice! This year, designers are embracing luxurious materials and textures, testing bold silhouettes and adding more details for visually compelling products and furnishings. In other words: goodbye minimalism, hello “maximalism.”

Here are a few ways you can loosen the restraints in your interior spaces and embrace maximalism:

Vibrant Colors

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Forget about conservative color tones, and adopt bold and vibrant shades. They can really maximize the overall decor of a space and take it a step further. While minimalism can work with pops of bold colors here and there, maximalism really embraces color and eliminates altogether the more sterile tones of minimalist spaces.

Pattern Play

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From the carpet to the walls, pattern can play a role anywhere in the room. Consider adding interesting patterns to your walls with a wild wallpaper or a bold pattern on upholstered furniture. Don’t be afraid to combine a few different patterns into your space to make it even more dynamic. The overall effect can be dazzling and energetic.

Natural Materials

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Experiment with mixing and matching luxurious natural materials like marble, blown glass, leather and brushed metals. Incorporating these into your decor is an attractive way to add more interest. And remember, more is more, so knock yourself out and get creative with all the pieces you can find that use natural materials.

Sculptural Lighting

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There is an element of complexity to sculptural lighting that plays well with maximalism. The quality of unique materials and design techniques lends to more adventurous, creative pieces. Go bold and create a focal point with one oversized piece, or scatter a few interesting wall sconces around a room.

Layer and Mix Styles

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The approach of layering and mixing different motifs is an important element that embraces a complex personality–part of what bring maximalism to life and makes it so engaging. Layering new, modern pieces with other existing objects in a room creates contrast and adds character.

It’s clear that the consumer’s desire for more personal expression is driving a trend for maximalism, and it’s exciting. While there is still an appeal for minimalism, there’s no question that is maximalism is here. And it’s saying, “Look what else is possible.” It’s time to be brave. Start adding, layering and exploring…and in doing so, let your personality shine through.

Whitney Todor

Whitney Todor

Whitney is the senior web designer for YLiving. As a mom with an energetic toddler and a large, playful dog she is all about simple, well-designed furniture and storage solutions that make life easier.

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