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Designing Spaces with Nicole Facciuto + Flux Chairs

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Nicole Facciuto’s spirited on-camera presence has paved the way for viewers and homeowners to transform their own homes into eco-friendly environments on HGTV’s “Red Hot and Green.” Her energy and simple approach to green design and living has made going green accessible to everyone. As a LEED AP and current member of the US Green Building Counsel, Nicole actively publishes articles on green living and sustainability.

Nicole’s designs have been featured across many major television networks and publications ranging from HGTV, CBS, Oxygen, Bravo, Domino and Traditional Home. Nicole is owner and principal of her design firm, Nicole Facciuto Design with offices in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Nicole Facciuto Designing with Flux Chairs | YLiving

“I absolutely thrive when challenged to turn an ordinary home into something beautiful while being sensitive to the Earth and to my client’s wallet. I believe the greatest gift I can give my client is a stunning space at a price they can afford.”

Why did you find the Flux Chairs versatile for multiple spaces?

Nicole Facciuto: They work almost anywhere: modern, traditional, outdoor, or indoor. They are wonderful conversation pieces in addition to being portable for a variety of uses. I’d love to use them for a modern outdoor wedding reception!

Flux Chairs | Yoga Loft, Emeryville, CA

Flux Chairs | Yoga Loft, Emeryville, CA

Where is this installation?

NF: Yoga Loft in Emeryville, California.

What did you use as your inspiration for this space?

NF: The ragged coastline of Northern California was my inspiration. I wanted to create a pool room which evoked this feeling. The pool was designed to appear as a modern sliver of water and the beams were left exposed and painted.

Why does the Flux Chair work in this space?

NF: They are durable, flexible and functional. They are easy to clean, easy to move and can be arranged in a variety of layouts depending on the need of the space. They’re perfect and quite comfortable for lounging and hanging out by the pool. By painting the brick walls, the space feels more organic and natural against the modern lines of the Flux chair.
What do you like best about the Flux Chairs?

They are fun and whimsical and yet have a sophisticated line and shape. They’re unexpected and portable and for the first time I have found a chair that is durable, beautiful, and makes people smile.

What are your favorite spaces to design?

NF: Any space, really. Each space is always a challenge and for me, that’s the only requirement. Creativity happens when challenge begins. I find my best ideas have come out of my most challenging projects.

Are there certain elements you try to incorporate into all of your designs?

NF: I love designing with unexpected elements. I never know what that element is going to be until I find it depending on the client and location of space. Overall, I like simplicity. Great design doesn’t have to take a lot of time if you can pick out the most impactful elements and design around them.

Flux Chairs | Salon on Market Street, San Francisco, CA

Flux Chairs | Salon on Market Street and Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

Where is this installation?

NF: Diva International Salon in San Francisco, California, on Market Street and Embarcadero.

What was your design goal with this space?

NF: I wanted to create a modern and tranquil space. The design was influenced by its downtown San Francisco location.

Why does the Flux Chair work in this space?

NF: The flux chair worked perfectly within the calm aesthetic of neutral textures. I wanted the lines of the chair to stand out and provide juxtaposition to the rest of the space. I kept the chair neutral to blend in, as well as stand out due to the interesting shape and lines of the chair.

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