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Holiday Prep: A Dining Room Dressed to Impress

Colorful leaves have begun littering the streets, white pants have been pressed and put away, and the Fall season is upon us! The holidays will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to get excited for some of my favorite things: entertaining, hosting, and lots of time around the dinner table. So, get your modern dining room ready.

If you’re hosting this year, don’t worry about cooking Grandma’s secret family recipe just right or finally creating the perfect pumpkin pie crust to beat all other crusts. Dress your home to impress with an enviable modern dining space that will have everyone saying, “What a lovely home!”–and meaning it–when they arrive for the holidays.


Grace Rectangular Dining Table from Saloom Furniture

You can thank your dining table for many of your fondest memories with family and friends at this time of year. This social gathering spot is the heart of the home and where all the conversing, laughing, eating, drinking, and general holiday merriment happens. When picking a table for your dining space, don’t settle for just four legs and a flat surface. Find a beautiful table that feels like home and caters to your needs. For me, there’s just something about a thick, solid wood table top that makes a home feel rich and cozy. Bonus: spills clean up easily and a natural wood grain grows more handsome with age. The Grace Rectangular Dining Table from Saloom Furniture is warm yet bold with a solid wood top and chic industrial steel legs. Tip: Make sure to keep size in mind or consider a table with extensions to ensure your whole crew can gather round…because no one likes the kids’ table. No one.


Isabel Chair from Cattelan Italia

The only thing we do more of than eating during the holidays is sitting. Elaborate dinners, leisurely desserts, drinks and more drinks, swapping stories for hours on end…for all the time spent at the dinner table during the holidays, you’ll want your guests to stay seated in comfort and style. Consider a dining chair in dark leather like the Isabel Chair from Cattelan Italia. Not only is this versatile dining chair exceptionally comfortable, but selecting a dark leather upholstery camouflages spills and allows for them to be wiped away with ease.

New Norm Large Lid Plate, Set of 6 By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

Norm Large Lid Plate from Menu A/S

Your guests will need plenty of room on their plate to pile up on all the fixings. Keep the China in the cabinet and bring out a set of modern dinnerware that will embolden your place settings and keep stomachs happy and full. A plate like the Norm Large Lid Plate, Set of 6 by Norm Architects, from Menu A/S offers plenty of room and comes in a range of cool Scandinavian colors that stand out from the rest. Complete your set of dinner table essentials with other plates and bowls from the collection.

MU Cutlery/Flatware by Alessi | YLiving

MU Cutlery/Flatware by Alessi

There’s an order of operations when it comes to holiday dining. From kitchen, to table, to plate, to mouth, help the system along by placing the optimal utensils in each of your guests’ hands. Quality modern utensils should not only look and feel great, but should also serve you well when you’re cutting up and crafting that perfect Thanksgiving forkful. Go for something sleek and slim, yet with a hefty weight, like the sophisticated MU Cutlery/Flatware by Alessi.

Esperienze Important Aged Red Wines Set from Zafferano | YLiving

Esperienze Important Aged Red Wines Set from Zafferano

If you’re hosting, you’ll most likely end up with a bottle of wine or several from your gracious guests. Uncork that baby and enjoy it with them! But first, make sure you have the proper stemware for the occasion. When in doubt, consult the Esperienze Wine Glass Collection or other stemware collections from Zafferano, which are not only made of beautifully hand blown Venetian glass, but each range indicates the preferred wine glass for the type of wine you’re pouring. Now, picking the perfect wine to pair with your feast is up to you!

Torrey Crell

Torrey Crell

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