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Durable Modern Outdoor Furniture

Modern outdoor furniture should be more about relaxing in the sun and not about worrying if your furniture can outlast the elements. New technologies and enhancements to tried and true outdoor materials are making outdoor designs stronger and more beautiful than ever. Find out which one is right for your outdoor conditions —and design style — in our handy guide below.

Radius Air Table from Radius Design

Air Dining Table from Radius Design | YLiving
Radius Design’s Air Dining Table brings sleek, sturdy aluminum outside

Aluminum: For a contemporary, streamlined look, aluminum is a good choice. Radius Design manufactures sleek aluminum pieces, such as their Air Table. Aluminum is lightweight, sturdy and easily moved from one spot to the other. An additional benefit to choosing aluminum is that it’s easy to maintain as it cleans easily, resists corrosion and can hold its own even when left outside for long periods.

Baia Woven Sofa from MAMAGREEN

Baia Woven Sofa from MAMAGREEN | YLiving
MAMAGREEN‘s Baia Woven Sofa is made of non-toxic hyacinth wicker safe for all settings

Wicker: Wicker emanates a cozy, down-to-earth feel. Far from your grandmother’s wicker chairs, today’s wicker designs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Used indoors and out, it’s a versatile and lightweight material made from many different naturally occurring materials such as bamboo, rattan and cane. Wicker is easy to move around, sturdy and easy to clean. MAMAGREEN’s wicker weave design is a non-toxic hyacinth wicker safe and durable for all settings.

Flux Chair from Flux

Flux Chair from Flux | YLiving
The Flux Chair is an origami chair that’s sturdy + virtually maintenance-free

Polypropylene: Because of its flexibility, polypropylene is increasingly being used for a host of furniture applications. Designs made from this material, such as the Flux Chair, are lightweight and easy to move around – not to mention, they’re easy to ship. Just remember, because it’s so light, you’ll have to secure it when the wind starts to blow. Polypropylene is also very sturdy, easy to clean and is virtually maintenance-free. You won’t have to stain, paint or seal these designs, or worry about rust protection that’s required for metal furniture. But while it’s a very durable material, we still recommend you take care not to leave it out in the scalding sun for long periods of time, and store it away when temperatures dip below zero.

Chair 6 Rocker from Lebello

Chair 6 Rocker from Lebello | YLiving
Lebello‘s Chair 6 Rocker constructed of peel fibers

Peel Fibers: Peel fibers, such as those used in Lebello designs, are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) synthetic fibers. The material is UV and weather-resistant and the fibers are characterized by their durability and performance during temperature fluctuations. The designs are also resistant to pool water, sea salt, and changes in climate. They’re also low-maintenance, free of toxins and 100% recyclable.

Primary Pouf 01 from Quinze & Milan

Primary Pouf 01 from Quinze & Milan | YLiving
Quinze & Milan‘s Primary Pouf 01 made of flame, water and weather resistent QM™ Coated Foam

QM™ Coated Foam: QM™ Coated Foam, used in Quinze and Milan designs, is a flame, water and weather resistant compound that can be cleaned with soap and water – making these pieces suited for indoor and outdoor use. Offered in countless colors, the coating also contains a UV filter to prevent fading from the sun.

Rachel Kemp

Rachel Kemp

Rachel is one of the Merchandise Managers for YLiving with a long career in merchandising and is thrilled to finally be working through a channel that supports her passion for modern design. As a mother of two toddlers, she is practical, design driven in her decisions with furnishing her home and tempted daily with the endless options of home upgrades.

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