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Editor’s Pick: Karen Nepacena

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YLiving’s product manager shares her favorite designs and modern furniture pieces.

A modern design devotee, YLiving’s product manager Karen Nepacena has honed her eye after years of working in the design industry. She recently moved with her family into a Joseph Eichler San Francisco Bay Area home and is busy outfitting rooms in décor that’s true to its midcentury roots. Nepacena scoured YLiving, focusing mostly on “common areas where we spend time as a family and entertain,” she explains. “I looked for things that are sturdy but are designed with intent.”

Product Manager Karen Nepacena | YLiving

YLiving’s product manager Karen Nepacena

Saarinen Oval Dining Table

“Our Eichler was built in 1959, so I love bringing in pieces that were originally designed for use in homes like ours. The elegant tulip base and clean lines are stunning, plus it can seat up to six.”

Cow Sending Animals Wooden Furniture

“Not every piece needs to be serious and this just shouts fun. I am drawn to the craftsmanship and natural crate wood, which gives it a down-to-earth feeling. I would put this in the kitchen and use it to display my collection of vintage creamers and white ceramic dishes.”

Sunburst Clock

“Its cheery colors and true midcentury design makes this a must-have in an Eichler!”

I-Wares I-Teapot

“I enjoy collecting vintage pieces and then giving them new life. This teapot is a mix of old and new and that pop of yellow makes it so fabulous.”

Spear Tray

“Form and function at work! This is a great decorative accent, but it’s also highly practical. It’s the perfect tray for serving tea or as a decorative touch on my vintage Nils Jonsson credenza.”

Sputnik Chandelier

“My first design job was as a lighting buyer and I’ve always wanted one of these. It’s sophisticated, yet nods to the classic atomic burst of the 1950s. It would look terrific over the Saarinen dining table.”

“I looked for things that are sturdy but are designed with intent.” — Karen Nepacena, YLiving’s Product Manager

Child’s Womb Chair

“We have two young boys and it’s always a challenge to find children’s furniture that has a modern aesthetic, but is also great quality. This does the trick.”

Funny Pink Blanket

“I’ve always been drawn to bright, bold colors; the fuchsia and orange make a great statement on a sofa and will be perfect for curling up there on movie night.”

Pod Crib

“Even babies love modern design! I like the sleek shape and use of renewable timber plywood and non-toxic finishes.”

Zen Soaking Tub

“Eichler homes were built with a lot of wood paneling and detail so this would fit in perfectly. I love the wood grain of the tub skirt mixed with the modern white base. “

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Karen Nepacena

Karen Nepacena loves everything mid-century modern and spends her weekends renovating and restoring a 1959 Eichler home, which she shares with her husband and two sons.