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Editor’s Picks: Multitasking Designs

It’s a fast-paced world we live in. And today’s leading designers are reflecting this by creating pieces that let us have it all at the same time: from consoles that turn into dining room tables to seating that converts into desk space. By investing in pieces that serve multiple functions, you’ll save time, money, and space. Here are our picks for multitasking designs that are as beautiful as they are ingenious.

You and Me Ping Pong Table by RS Barcelona

Work and play meet in this fun twist on a traditional conference table. Built with minimalist sensibility and high quality materials by RS Barcelona, the table’s surface can serve as a ping pong table as well as a workspace (or even a dining table). This piece is perfect for a small home office that doubles as a play space–it’s easy to take down the net and store paddles away for daytime or professional use, then pop the net back on for an evening’s entertainment. Game, set, match.

Ventaglio Console/Dining Table by Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa’s console-meets-dining table illustrates that multitasking designs can be beautiful and functional. Crafted with traditional Italian style and sensibility, this elegant console table features a fan-shaped metal base. This base splits apart when the top is extended to create a stable, full-sized dining room table whenever guests come to visit. Once the evening is over, the piece can be moved back into position as a console, making it the ideal solution for entertainers that live in smaller spaces.

Mix Modular Collection by Gus Modern

Tired of oversized sectional couches that take up an entire room and are difficult to move? Gus Modern’s take on flexible seating is perfect for apartment dwellers, or those who just like to switch things up. Each component of the couch can separate, meaning your couch can divide into two chairs, or a chaise, or two poufs for lounging. Pull the pieces together for an evening in, or separate them out when company’s coming over. Whatever you’re doing, you’re sure to be comfortable with this collection.

Panier Table by Kartell

This triple-use table by Kartell is stylish enough for a luxe living room, and practical enough to buy two or three as a set. The cushion-shaped table’s lid lifts off to allow for storage. And the tabletop has a groove that allows for multiple tables to be stacked atop each other for an attractive, sculptural storage system. However you use it, this table/storage basket’s cool style complements any modern living space.

Mag Table by Offi

Things are often more than they seem, as Offi has illustrated with this deceivingly simple design. On its side, this piece serves as a stool with book or magazine storage. Set it on end, and it serves an entirely new purpose: a laptop stand for home or office. With striking minimalist design, this is an easy addition to any home or office, and makes an impact without taking up much space.

Envelop Desk by Herman Miller

Iconic brand Herman Miller illustrates mastery of office design with the multi-use Envelop Desk. The desk surface extends and contracts to create space for writing, reading, or meeting. Attractive and modular, the desk can also have wheels added onto it, making it easy to move around an office or home.

Wally Wall Unit Sleeper by Pezzan

Pezzan takes guest bed functionality to the next level with this clever, clean design. A queen-sized bed is stored within an elegant wall unit which, when not in use as a bed, provides extra storage with pockets for magazines or any other clutter. A space-friendly alternative to a sleeper sofa, this piece is perfect for small spaces and design-minded hosts.

BuzziScreen Set, 59-Inch by BuzziSpace

Soften sound and divide rooms with these clever screens from BuzziSpace. Ideal for shared working or living spaces, BuzziScreens act as a traditional privacy screen/room divider with an added benefit: they absorb sound and reduce noise. You can even customize the screens; the sound-muffling fabric can serve as a pinboard for pictures, designs, or other mementos.

Lid Collection by Tom Dixon

Clean up your countertop for an extra efficient morning with these beautiful modular containers from Tom Dixon. Flip them upright for open storage–perfect for makeup brushes or toothbrushes–or stack them on top of each other to create one lidded structure for storing cotton balls, cotton swabs, or other toiletries. The modern design and elegant composition of this fun set makes it perfect for displaying. So, you don’t have to hide your essentials away in messy drawers.

Revolution Water and Wine Glass, Set of 2 by fferone design

Finally, this glassware set won’t let you turn water into wine, but its user-friendly design is almost that miraculous. Fferone design’s glasses are perfectly sized for a glass of water, but when evening hits, flip the glass over for a wine-sized cup. Fun and functional, these glasses are ideal for limited kitchen storage, or for remembering to stay hydrated while entertaining. Plus, they come in other sizes and shapes for other beverages. Cheers to that!

Lauren Walters

Lauren Walters

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