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Editor’s Picks: Perfectly Patterned Pieces

Mastering color in your home is a bit of an art–and adding patterns to the mix might really blur the line between bold design and “just too much.” Selecting and using patterns can go a long way in interior design, but for many, doing so the right way is a frequent stumper.

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However, while not everyone can mix and layer patterns like Rosita Missoni, there’s a pattern to match every comfort level. We’ve gathered ten of our favorite perfectly patterned pieces to inspire you to make your pattern dreams come true.

Knot Pillow from Thomas Paul

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to add pattern to a room. They can be used on sofas, chairs, beds and even the floor. The flexibility of pillows makes them easy to use in combinations of bold patterns and bright colors. They are a great way to add dimension and depth to sofas, especially since people tend towards solid, neutral tones for their sofas.

I really like the Knot Pillow by Thomas Paul for a pop of color and pattern. This two-sided pillow features a simple stripe on one side and a fun intertwined rope pattern on the other. I would classify this piece as simple to medium in terms of pattern intensity, thanks to the two different sides.

Tunisi Diamante Pouf from Missoni Home

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Poufs are another simple way to add pattern in a room. These multi-functional pieces easily move from room to room. So, you can enjoy the beautiful pattern wherever you like, whenever you like. The Tunisi Diamante Pouf is great example of Missoni’s colorful stripe patterns. The muted tones combined with the skinny stripe pattern rate this piece as a perfect beginner piece.

Boutique Single Seater from Moooi

If you’re feeling brave, you can make a bolder statement by opting for a patterned lounge chair. When set among more neutral surrounding decor, a lounge chair with a vibrant pattern can instantly become a statement piece without overwhelming the room. A great example for this would be Moooi’s Boutique Single Seater with the “Eyes of Strangers” upholstery. The bold graphic pattern give this lounge chair its unique appearance. This, plus its size means this chair comes with an expert ranking.

Oaxaca Duvet Cover from DwellStudio

Don’t forget about the bedroom when you are looking for opportunities to bring in some patterns. The bed provides a nice, large canvas that accommodates anything from small simple patterns to large bold ones. The Oaxaca Duvet is a nice option, ranking as a medium level pattern. I like the blue floral design that pops against the white background. Crisp and refreshing, these simple elements create a calm, yet impactful design.

Coral Bench from Arktura

Pattern isn’t just defined by fabric. Any type of design, applied in a variety of methods can qualify. The Coral Bench from Arktura is a great example of pattern etched out in the material that creates it. I love the intricate design and bright colors of this bench. It would look great in a foyer, at the foot of a bed or in the living room. Depending on how brightly colored you choose to go, this bench ranks from medium to expert.

Mix & Match Trays from Gan Rugs

Accent pieces are a must in any room design. They allow you to bring in personality and depth to the room and provide the perfect opportunity to bring in some patterns. I just love all the designs and color ranges in Gan’s Mix & Match Trays. They can be placed on a coffee table, credenza, dresser or table to create a nice vignette or serve hors d’oeuvres. The metallic legs and handles add just the right amount of shine to show off the patterned tiles. These trays come in at a medium pattern ranking.

T-Table Side Table from Bosa

A patterned side table offers a great opportunity to add an eye-catching piece next to your favorite lounge chair. Smaller in scale, they can easily bring a pop of pattern to a room without overwhelming the space. The fun ceramic T-Table offers the shine of a metallic finish and fun shapes to bring out their bold, engaging design, and gives them a pattern rank of expert.

Losanges Rug from Nanimarquina

When designing your space, don’t miss the opportunity to add some pattern with a lush area rug. While a patterned rug may seem intimidating due to its large size, larger furniture pieces will help tame and integrate the pattern into the room. When it comes to putting some pattern down, the Losanges Rug is my first choice. The irregular overall shape and diamond pattern give this rug tons of visual interest. Combine these elements with the bright range of colors, and this design figures as an expert pattern.

Perseo Throw from Missoni Home

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Great for the bedroom or living room, throw blankets serve double duty by keeping you warm while sporting an eye-catching pattern. From bold florals to energetic geometric designs, throw blankets earn a pattern ranking of easy no matter how bold the pattern. Simply drape them across the sofa, a chair or the end of the bed and you’re good to go. I love the soft colors of the Perseo Throw and it’s an easy way to incorporate Missoni’s iconic chevron pattern.

Altdeutsche Cabinet from Moooi

Finally, the pièce de résistance is Moooi’s reinterpretation of classic Frankish furniture. Highlighted by a bright white background, this pattern features an intricate entwining of pop culture icons. Ranking at an expert pattern level, this cabinet–and all the other Altdeutsche pieces–would be a great injection of character into minimalist or Scandinavian designs.

How to Use Pattern Confidently

While they may be intimidating at first, patterns can be a wonderful addition to your living space. By remembering a few simple things, you can easily add them into your design:

Look for patterns that have one or more colors that are already part of your design. Stick with designs you love. And start simple. Soon you’ll be mixing right along with the boldest experts out there.

Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

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