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The Eye-Catching Lighting + Furniture of BlankBlank

I have to say, blankblank creates some of the most unique and eye-catching designs. Artistic and innovative, they bring something different to the table that I appreciate. Even more so, I admire their commitment to sustainability and constant search for reducing the environmental footprint. I’ve grabbed five of my favorite pieces from blankblank to show off this rare brand.

Viscosity Wall Sconce

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Viscosity Wall Sconce By Rob Zinn, from blankblank

My favorite from the bunch, the Viscosity Wall Sconce stands out from the crowd. The stacked design features a fluid shape made from powder coated steel. The best part about this is its unique paint job. Each layer is painted in a satin white on the front and then painted in a contrasting color on the back. Once lit from behind, each tier glows, creating a rainbowed halo-effect of color and light. During the day the effect is soft and subdued, but once the lights are off it creates a dramatic display.


blankblank |YLiving
Flora By Rob Zinn, from blankblank

Designed by Rob Zinn, Flora is certainly a one-of-a-kind creation. Each sculpture is handcrafted from aluminum and finished in a structural powder coating. It’s abstract silhouette is whimsical. While Flora is meant to be placed on a table as a centerpiece, it can easily hang on any wall with powerful magnets.

blankblank |YLiving
Pendant 01 – Satin from blankblank

Simple and sleek, blankblank has a collection of pendant lights. While there are multiple finishes available, my favorite by far has to be the Pendant 01 – Satin in satin brass. Its cylindrical shape puts off both down light as well as ambient uplight. A row of these would work well over a kitchen island or grouped together to create a bold lighting feature.

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Divide Bench By Mark Goetz, from blankblank

The is made for the outdoors, thanks to its durable 3/8″ plate steel construction. What makes the Divide Bench unique is its slightly angled front, which was designed to encourage the sitters to move closer together. It’s the intent of fostering human interaction that makes this bench so special.

blankblank |YLiving
Suspension 01 from blankblank

The Suspension 01 features sleek, tubular shape, creating a minimal aesthetic, and it has curves in all the right places. Its refined look hovers over surfaces with grace and ease, while providing a direct ambient light.

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