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Five Favorites: Finding Felt

Felt has been making it’s way into modern decor in a big way. With a touch of Scandinavian style, we’ve been finding that this laid back material is being used in everything, from modern accessories to mid-century classics. Here are 5 modern felt favorites:

Modern Felt |YLiving
New Norm Felt Bread Basket, Set of 3 from Menu A/S

A surprisingly versatile material, this set of three nesting New Norm Felt Bread Baskets are multi-functional. Since they’re crafted out of food grade felt, you can use them in the kitchen as a bread basket and storing eggs. The modern felt will naturally help retain heat, so you can serve up some fresh out of the oven baked goods and know they’ll stay toasty all throughout breakfast. They’re even dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

Modern Felt |YLiving
Fabric Felt [FLAT] Rugs from Kymo Rugs
A new form of carpet, these felted rugs from Kymo Rugs bring a soft and contemporary look to the modern home. Made from 100% wool, there are 5 earthy colors of modern felt to choose from, there’s one for every room and every decor. Durable enough to withstand everyday foot traffic, yet soft enough under foot.

Modern Felt |YLiving
Felt Shade Floor Lamp from Tom Dixon

Add a warm touch of light to your felt with Tom Dixon‘s Felt Shade Floor Lamp. The molded shade is achieved through fabric-forming, where the felt is heat pressed and sculpted into shape, rending an organic shape. The white interior and the tactile grey exterior offers a subtle contrast.

Modern Felt |YLiving
Felt Index Wall Clock from LEFF Amsterdam

Keep track of time with the Felt Index Wall Clock from LEFF Amsterdam. A silent timepiece, this clock is defined by its Grey felted face, which is made from PET 60% recycled felt. Sleek and modern hands are available in multiple color options of a minimal white, grey for a monochromatic look, and a bright orange for a distinct pop.

BuzziCube Flat Ottoman from BuzziSpace

The BuzziCube Flat Ottoman is upholstered in trendy felt, providing a designer pouf to grab an extra seat or throw up your feet. Choose from a variety of colors in ultra soft felt.

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