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Have Yourself a Happy Modern Hanukkah

Celebrate the eight days of Hanukkah in style with our collection of modern Menorahs, holiday decor, and entertaining staples. So have yourself a happy modern Hanukkah.


The Menorah is the most important part about the Festival of Lights.  Give your Hanukkah celebration a modern look with one of these beautiful Hanukkah menorahs. Quirky and fun, to dramatic and contemporary, celebrate the Festival of Lights with your family with the perfect menorah.

Dachshund Menorah
Hanukkah |YLiving
Dachshund Menorah By Jonathan Adler, from Jonathan Adler

Cute and quirky, the Dachshund Menorah is a charming take on the traditional Menorah. Made from high-fired stoneware shaped into the endearing shape of a Dachshund. Whether you’re celebrating with children or a dog lover, this Menorah will bring a sweetness to your celebration.

Bold Menorah
Bold Menora from Moooi

A contemporary design, this Bold Menorah marries tradition with a dramatic design. A sculptural piece, the artful curves are achieved by laser cutting and is then finished with a jet black powder-coating.

Bel Air Menorah, Orange
Hanukkah |YLiving
Bel Air Menorah, Orange By Jonathan Adler, from Jonathan Adler

Chic and modern, the Bel Air Menorah lets you celebrate Hanukkah in retro style. Cast in bright Lucite, the geometric detail adds a unique touch, while the metal grommets give each candle holder an extra touch.

Woodbury Menorah
Hanukkah |YLiving
Woodbury Menorah from Simon Pearce

Create a Hanukkah celebration around the Woodbury Menorah. This Menorah  features a contemporary design of crystal clear glass as well as cool steel.  Each base is hand-blown using centuries-old techniques, creating a beautiful, but also sturdy, base.

Menagerie Elephant Menorah
Hanukkah |YLiving
Menagerie Elephant Menorah By Jonathan Adler, from Jonathan Adler

The Menagerie Elephant Menorah is perfect for a playful and unexpected change to your Hanukkah celebration. This sweet elephant is made from unglazed porcelain for an elegant finish, while its playful shape makes for an unexpected addition.

Skyline Menorah
Hanukkah |YLiving
Skyline Menorah By Jonathan Adler, from Jonathan Adler

The Skyline Menorah turns the traditional Menorah into a sleek and sophisticated object. Hand-welded, its engaging design provides a Mid-Century Minimalist style, while showcasing superb craftsmanship.

Dressed for X-mas Candlesticks
Hanukkah |YLiving
Dressed for X-mas Candlestick Tall MW49/H By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Create your own Menorah that can be used in more ways than one with these tall and short Dressed for X-mas Candlesticks. Their elegant shape brings a classic and traditional touch Hanukkah, while still managing to remain unique.

Link Candle Holder
Link Candle Holder, Set of 5 from AKMD | YLiving Modern Hannukah
Link Candle Holder from AKMD

Connecting a couple sets of the Link Candle Holder Together is another unique option to create your own Menorah and any configuration of candles year round. Crafted from high quality Iron or Brass, these candle holders are used to support any standard taper candles. You can connect as few as three up to however many sets you would like to link together to create a candle set all your own.

Holiday Decor

While the Menorah is the centerpiece of Hanukkah, it doesn’t have to be the only decoration. Add some holiday decor to help get your family into the spirit of celebrating the Festival of Lights.

Blue Calendar Candle
Hanukkah |YLiving
Blue Calendar Candle By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

This year, Hanukkah starts on December 24. So why not start the celebration early with a countdown candle from Ferm Living?

Brass Candle Extinguisher
Hanukkah |YLiving
Brass Candle Extinguisher By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

And with so many candles to light and snuff out, the Brass Candle Extinguisher is a necessity. Its made from 100% brass, for a classic, yet chic look that will last for many Hanukkahs to come.

Dining + Entertaining

And the best part of any holiday celebration is gathering around the dinner table with your loved ones. These dining and entertaining favorites will help make your Hanukkah gatherings even better.

Panea Bread Bin
Hanukkah |YLiving
Panea Bread Bin from blomus

Keep your Challah Bread fresh and ready to serve with the Panea Bread Bin from blomus. Ventilation slits help to keep breads and other bake goods fresh and dry so your Challah Bread won’t spoil early.

Wine Breather Carafe
Hanukkah |YLiving
Wine Breather Carafe By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

Don’t forget about the wine! Kosher that is. This Wine Breather Carafe is quite the spectacle, and will be a hit at all of your Hanukkah family meals.

Perle Wine Glass
Hanukkah |YLiving
Perle Wine Glass, Gift Set of 6 from Zafferano

Have a toast or two with the Perle Wine Glass, Gift Set of 6. Not only are the beautiful colors bright and attractive, they’re also great for guests to keep track of who’s is who’s.

Candy Dish, Chrome
Hanukkah |YLiving
Candy Dish, Chrome from Areaware

And no celebration is complete without the candy! This Candy Dish, Chrome is a quirky way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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