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Modern Furniture Ideas For A Happy + Healthy Modern Home

A healthy modern home is essential to combating stress, chronic pain, and promotes your overall well being. These expertly designed modern furniture pieces do just that. From the home office to the bathroom and everywhere in between, here are our top modern furniture ideas for a happy and healthy modern home.

Home Office

Steelcase Walkstation
Modern Furniture | Walkstation, 38-Inch Wide from Steelcase|YLiving Healthy Happy Living
Walkstation, 38-Inch Wide from Steelcase

Poor posture combined with sitting for long hours hunched over a computer screen is proving to be detrimental to one’s over all health. Chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, are just the start, but even standing desks have proven to be no better when used for a long duration of time. The best solution? Frequent movement, and the Walkstation takes care of that. Combining an electric height-adjustable work surface with an exclusively engineered, low speed commercial grade treadmill, Walkstation invigorates as it combats harmful sedentary behaviors.

Mini MILK Laptop Desk
Moder Furniture Ideas | Mini MILK Laptop Desk By Søren Rose Studio, from Milk|YLiving Happy Healthy Modern Home
Mini MILK Laptop Desk By Søren Rose Studio, from Milk

Smaller spaces don’t have to suffer from unconventional and unhealthy work stations. With the standing workstation version, the Mini MILK Laptop Desk is slim enough for small studio apartments.

Turnstone Buoy Multifunctional Chair
Modern Furniture Ideas | Buoy Multifunctional Chair from Turnstone|YLiving Happy Healthy Modern Home
Buoy Multifunctional Chair from Turnstone

Ditch the eyesore of an exercise ball for the Buoy Multifunctional Chair. The Buoy promotes movement, as its rounded bottom lets you rock, swivel, tilt, and turn, while promoting proper posture. Its a great chair alternative or one to use in conjunction with your everyday office chair.


Braun Digital Alarm Clock
Modern Furniture Ideas | Braun Digital Alarm Clock BN-C016 from Braun|YLiving Happy Healthy Modern Home
Braun Digital Alarm Clock BN-C016 from Braun

The Braun Digital Alarm Clock was designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind. Its sleek, yet utilitarian. With an oversized, tilted display this clock is easy to read at night and the brightness can be adjusted too. Best of all, the snooze button is a touch surface at the back of the clock, so no more fumbling for the snooze button in the wee hours of the morning.

Patrick Bed with Storage
Modern Furniture Ideas | Patrick Bed with Storage By Ca Nova Design, from Cattelan Italia|YLiving Healthy Modern Home
Patrick Bed with Storage By Ca Nova Design, from Cattelan Italia

The upholstered headboard on the Patrick Bed with Storage works double duty, acting as both a sound dampener, while simultaneously offering a touch of luxury. Its storage manages organization and clutter, helping to keep the bedroom looking neat and tidy. Not only that, but the upward pivoting design of the bed allows for better visualization of what’s stored as opposed to having to open up drawers that line the base.

Voluptas Arm Wall Light
Modern Furniture ideas | |YLiving Healthy Modern Home
Voluptas Arm Wall Light from AXO Light

Reading in bed without the proper lighting will take a toll on your eyesight. The Voluptas Arm Wall Light is a flexible arm-light, which can be pointed in any direction. Thus, it’s ideal for reading in bed. In addition, it features a high power LED light and dimming capabilities.


Gus*GT Rocker
Modern Furniture Ideas | GT Rocker from Gus* Modern|YLiving Healthy Modern Home
GT Rocker from Gus*

Sleek and simple, the GT Rocker is the perfect modern rocking chair. With its retro look, this relaxed lounge chair provides just the right support, while still giving you a comfortable rest.

MBF48-MD4 Buffet
Modern Furniture Ideas | MBF48-MD4 Buffet By Peter Saloom, from Saloom Furniture|YLiving Healthy Modern Home
MBF48-MD4 Buffet By Peter Saloom, from Saloom Furniture

Keep you living area clutter free and organized with the MBF48-MD4 Buffet. Three doors reveal one fixed half-shelf that extends across the width of the buffet, offering plenty of space for storage as well as organization. Best if all, its eco-friendly construction requires minimal care. It doesn’t need waxing or polishing due to high performance topcoat, making it a low maintenance choice for the healthy modern home.

Cu-Clock Clock
Modern Furniture Ideas | Cu-Clock Clock By Naoto Fukasawa, from Magis|YLiving Healthy Modern Home
Cu-Clock Clock By Naoto Fukasawa, from Magis

Whimsical, traditional, and minimal all at the same time, the Cu-Clock Clock helps you stay on schedule. The cuckoo peeks out every hour and half hour to announce time, and its auditory aspect also helps keep track of time.


Hudson Changer Dresser
Modern Furniture Ideas | Hudson Changer Dresser from Babyletto|YLiving Healthy Modern Living
Hudson Changer Dresser from Babyletto

Keeping your baby and kids healthy is of the utmost importance. The Hudson Changer Dresser combines health and safety with convenience and organization. Multiple storage compartments provide plenty of places to stash diapers and clothes, while its raised sides on the removable changing and anti-tip kit try to keep baby safe.

Nature Stand
Modern Furniture Ideas | Nature Stand from Whitney Brothers|YLiving Healthy Modern Home
Nature Stand from Whitney Brothers

Bringing nature into the kids room helps children explore the world around them, and that’s why the is a creative way to inspire a happy, healthy modern home. Children can plant seeds, while learning to care for the plant’s growth. Not only that, but the nature stand is made with safe, non-toxic materials, for healthy fun.

Elephant Tumbling Animal
Modern Furniture Ideas | Elephant Tumbling Animal By Bolette and Louise Blaedel, from bObles |YLiving Healthy Modern Home
Elephant Tumbling Animal By Bolette and Louise Blaedel, from bObles

With its rounded shape the Elephant Tumbling Animal is fun for playing, while allowing children to develop their motor skills. Children can gain balance development when walking along elephant’s back, but when the elephant is on its back, older children can continue to challenge their balance by placing their feet on either end. Even sitting inside the elephant offers a stimulating a peaceful rocking motion.


Side Wind Range Rectangular Umbrella
Modern Furniture Ideas | |YLiving Healthy Modern Home
Side Wind Range Rectangular Umbrella from Bambrella

Shade yourself from getting too much sun with the Side Wind Range Rectangular Umbrella. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo it rotates 360°, as well as tilting to 45° for maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Not only is it convenient, but is durable, stain and rust resistant, just one less thing to worry about.

H55 Chair with Fabric
Modern Furniture Ideas H55 Chair with Fabric from Skargaarden|YLiving Healthy Modern Home
H55 Chair with Fabric from Skargaarden

The H55 Chair with Fabric lets you comfortably lounge outdoors while soaking up some sun. Its collapsible design allows for easy storage when not in use and also provides multiple settings for a healthy recline. The teak frame and all weather proof sling are built to weather the storm outside.

Fuoco Tabletop Gel Firepit
Modern Furniture Ideas | Fuoco Tabletop Gel Firepit from blomus|YLiving Healthy Modern Home
Fuoco Tabletop Gel Firepit from blomus

This Fuoco Tabletop Gel Firepit helps to set the mood for a relaxing experience when outside. Its elegant design brings warmth, while the ambient lighting lets you stay outside linger to enjoy the evening.

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