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Modern Gift Guide: Best Stocking Stuffers + Small Gifts Under $100

Go easy on your pocket book without sacrificing style with our modern gift guide under $100. Perfect for stocking stuffers and as smaller gifts, we’ve gather our best gifts for any budget. 

1. Minim Playing Cards – $10

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Minim Playing Cards from Areaware

There’s nothing ordinary about this deck of cards. The Minim Playing Cards are modern with a minimal style and make for the perfect stocking stuffer too.

2. Felt Square Coasters, Set of 4 – $24

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Felt Square Coasters, Set of 4 from Graf & Lantz

The Felt Square Coasters are arguable the perfect coaster. Their lightweight design make them ideal as stocking stuffers. Not to mention, they’re hand cut in Los Angeles from 5mm thick merino wool felt.

3. Drink Rocks Set of 4 – $35

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Drink Rocks Set of 4 from Areaware

These Drink Rocks from Areaware are perfect for any whiskey lover. Their geometric shapes give a plain glass of bourbon a stylish look without watering it down. I plan on buying a set to add to my husband’s stocking this holiday season.

4. Noé Bottle Stopper – $42

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Noé Bottle Stopper from Alessi

The Noé Bottle Stopper is sleek and elegant. Its pressure and expansion mechanism fits snuggly into both wine and champagne bottles,  creating the perfect seal. Made from polished steel, I love how its design has been made to look like a classic cork.

5. Coral 2 Succulent Flower – $10.70

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Coral 2 Succulent Flower from Chive

This Coral 2 Succulent Flower would make a wonderful gift for any gardener, or even someone who has expressed their lack of green thumb. Its organic shape brings all the beauty of a living succulent plant, without the needed care, while its small size is perfect for a stocking.

6. Dominoes Set Star $38

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Dominoes Set Star from Fredericks & Mae

For the person who prefers a good game, this Dominoes Set from Fredericks & Mae features stars instead of the traditional dots. Each tile is made from baltic birch for a clean yet rustic look.

7. Brass Candle Extinguisher – $37

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Brass Candle Extinguisher By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

The Ferm Living Brass Candle Extinguisher makes for an elegant and unique gift. Made of 100% solid brass, its minimalistic style looks great year round and is great for any candle loving friend or family member.

8. Bourbon Pop Candle – $42

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Bourbon Pop Candle By Jonathan Adler, from Jonathan Adler

But, if you really want to make your candle loving friend or family member swoon, give them the gift of this delicious Bourbon Pop Candle by Jonathan Adler. Its luxurious scent of roma of davana, cognac, plum, leather, birch and cedar comes in a gorgeous metallic vessel that brilliantly glows once lit.

9. Rabbit Vase – $10.50

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Rabbit Vase from Chive

A cute little present, the Rabbit Vase from Chive looks like an Origami work of art. Its folded paper style is crafted from ceramic and features a small hole, perfect for holding a precious bloom.

10. Blockitecture Deco Set – $25

Stocking Stuffers |YLiving
Blockitecture Deco Set from Areaware

This Blockitecture Deco Set makes for a cool stocking stuffer for kids, but adults will love it too. Children will love to build their own colorful cityscape underneath the Christmas tree and let their imagination run wild for years to come.

Looking for more ideas for stocking stuffers and small gifts? Hop over to our holiday shop to browse our assorted gift guides.

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