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How It’s Made: Outdoor Furniture by MAMAGREEN

Belgium has a long and storied history of architectural innovation that has greatly influenced the world of design. Its impact is apparent in many fields, from household items to great works of art. This is also true in furniture.

In 2007, Vincent Cantaert decided to bring his love of Belgium architectural theory and design to the world of high-end outdoor lounge chairs, sofas, and bar tables. He started MAMAGREEN to create contemporary furniture using the most of modern designs, constructed with the highest of quality materials obtained from the most ecologically sound sources. Uncompromising dedication to these values is what sets MAMAGREEN apart from other outdoor furniture providers.

From Old Bridges to Modern Furniture

With MAMAGREEN, it all starts with extraordinary materials with high ethical sourcing standards. Their name is a nod to Mother Earth, and shows just how much they take their environmental responsibilities seriously. The star of their materials repertoire is their sustainably sourced teak. Used as a building material for over 1000 years, this amazing wood is native to south and southeast Asia–with Indonesia as a global leader in teak wood production.

Since it comes from a warm tropical region, teak is the perfect material for outdoor furniture. It is naturally water resistant, strong and durable, and not too heavy. However, the overharvesting of teak has created a crisis of deforestation in the region. That is why MAMAGREEN uses only the most responsibly sourced teak from Indonesia in their fine furniture creations. One source is their Plantation Teak, which comes from responsibly managed and fully certified teak wood plantations.

But the company’s real claim to fame has to be teak that has already been used for other things, repurposed from things like old boats, bridges, and houses throughout Indonesia. While these structures might have been decommissioned and torn down, much of the teak that made them remains strong. So, why not give it a second life? Plus, MAMAGREEN appreciates the added character that comes from such applications: nail holes, gouges, and so forth.

Modern Design for All Weather

Teak and steel compose the foundation of MAMAGREEN products. But they also have a soft side. The fabrics that wrap the seats, pillows, and sofas utilize the cutting edge of outdoor furniture materials. For example, Sunbrella®, a high-performance material made from 100% acrylic, is a durable fabric that comes in a range of colors and seam stitching designs. It is easy to clean, fade resistant, and highly water repellent.

The furniture designs from MAMAGREEN are super-modern, with strong roots in architectural theory. This includes focusing on functional design, where each feature displays its purpose without being decorative. Sometimes called functional honesty in the design industry, the result is a minimalist ascetic that gives rise to the cleanest of lines. The theory is that simple forms free people from the everyday disorder that clutters the mind, bringing tranquility and restfulness into any design ecosystem.

A great example is the Stripe Lounger. It has the sharpest lines, delineated in a display of clean edges. The Twitchell fabric is printed with a striped “barcode” design that displays that perfect outdoor summer vibe.

Making Mother Nature Proud

The values of timelessness, simplicity, and being in concert with nature. These are the principles of architectural theory that MAMAGREEN brings to their line of outdoor furniture.

Rooted in the deep tradition of Belgian architectural history, MAMAGREEN brings the highest-end furniture into the most modern of backyards, pool areas, and gardens. This, all while utilizing the most ethical manufacturing methods. Great design with great intentions; that’s something I think we can all get behind.

Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark is a Senior Product Content Publisher at YDesign Group, where his detailed descriptions of products help the shopper discover their perfect contemporary interior or exterior design. When not considering matters of style, he is playing tennis or basketball, reading the latest in non-fiction, or jogging in the park with his boxer, Zoey.

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