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How to Bring Modern Style into Kids Rooms

Most of us are all too familiar with what happens to our lives and design sense once children arrive on the scene. Frequently all their toys, clothes, and pretty much everything they own, take over the entire house. So, what’s a design savvy person to do when there are kids in the house?

Well, other than trying to corral all their stuff and confine it to their room, you can also exert some influence over the design of their space. Today’s modern designers recognize that just because you have kids, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. To help get you inspired, we gathered together some tips for bringing some classic modern styles to kids rooms while still letting it reflect their personality and be a kid.

Mid-Century Modern

One of the most popular design styles right now is mid-century modern. This classic style offers sleek lines, geometric forms, and functionality. This works well in kids rooms because the simple style of the furniture can support and enhance the more fun and brightly colored accessories children tend to gravitate towards.

Take this fun kids room, for example. All the larger furniture pieces offer sleek lines and a crisp wood finish inherent to the mid-century style, while some accessories bring in pops of color and give the space a sense of creativity. The simplicity of the furniture also means that the design can easily be adjusted to your child’s changing tastes without needing to change out any of the foundation pieces. While the wood tones shown here are a great finish option for a mid-century furniture style, you could also opt for white or two-toned white/wood pieces to achieve the style.

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While the style of the first room doesn’t shy away from color (which is why it’s a great option for kids), more muted and neutral tones suit the mid-century modern design style as well. This second room is a great example of those slightly more “grown-up,” minimalist alternatives.


Scandinavian style shares several tenets with mid-century modern design. Clean lines, functionality and natural materials are all carefully considered with this design style. The elements that separate it out and makes it different from mid-century design are a focus on light woods and other colors, soft textures and a dedication to reducing clutter. While this may not immediately sound like a fit for a child’s room, take a look at our two inspiration rooms.

This first room is minimalist but–with plenty of pattern and light woods–anything but sterile. The loft bed is a great option for kids, especially if they have a small room. The open space underneath gives them a place to play and hang out. And later, as they get older, you could add a desk so they have a place to do some homework. A brightly patterned rug softens things up while adding fun color. Add-in some decorative posters, lights and a storage unit, and they should have everything they need.

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Our second inspiration room is soft, white and altogether dreamy; modern design as a kind of fairy tale. The misty whites and greys of the bedding and accessories flow easily into the pale wood flooring and furniture pieces. Further whimsy comes in the form of a teepee illuminated with string lights.


Modern Italian design offers an opportunity to get a little wild with kids rooms. Known for its creativity, bold color choices and luxurious finishes, Italian design can even be called avant-garde at times. When it comes to modern Italian design for kids rooms, color plays a particularly large role, and mixing it up keeps this style young and fresh in your kids room. From the furniture to the walls, every piece is a chance to add some character.

This bunk bed, for example, is the perfectly playful piece needed to brighten up this ultra-contemporary concrete space. It immediately makes the room feel personalized to a child, yet still sleek and stylish.

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Modern Italian design also offers the opportunity to give a kid’s room a touch of glamour. With this space, the rich tone of an accent wall is matched by the plush texture of the area rug and other bedding. Things are kept from going too far with the clean lines of the canopy bed and nearby workspace. While this particular room may tend toward the feminine, rich colors and luxurious textures can be easily translated into more masculine-feeling kids’ rooms as well.

No matter your design choices or style, your kids room can be a fun and pleasant place for adults and children alike by selecting furniture pieces designed to last and grow with your child. Color and accessories will allow you to infuse the space with things they love and won’t cost you an arm and a leg when it comes to rotate them out as your children grow and their tastes change. For more ideas, be sure to check out our selection of modern designs for kids rooms.

Nicole Tatem

Nicole Tatem

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