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How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

Trying to figure out what type of kitchen is the right one for you? From style, material, and sizing, here’s our guide for choosing a kitchen sink.


There are plenty of types of kitchen sinks that range in style and design. Take into consideration any additions or features you’d like your new kitchen sink to include, like the number of basins, material, and ease of cleaning.

Kitchen Sink |YLiving
Farmhouse 3018 Kitchen Sink from Native Trails

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks have the distinct feature of an exposed apron front and a deep basin. Most farmhouse sinks feature a single large basin, though there are double basins available. While you’ll tend to see this style of sink more commonly used in country styled decorating, there are plenty of farmhouse sinks that work well in modern kitchens.

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Modex Above Counter Kitchen Sink from Blanco

Drop In Sinks

Drop in sinks are one of our most popular styles, and they easily fit into an existing hole, making them easy to replace and install. Just keep in mind they feature an exposed lip on the outside, which can make cleaning more difficult.

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Kubus Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink from Franke

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks off a seamless look, which gives a kitchen a clean and contemporary aesthetic. These sinks are easy to clean, as they’re installed underneath the countertop so there are no awkward places that are difficult to clean.


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Shaws Classic Single Bowl Modern Undermount Fireclay Kitchen Sink from ROHL


  • Great for household with kids
  • Extra durable material can withstand heavy use
  • Resistant to scratches, stains, and chipping
  • The smooth surface is acid and alkali resistant
Kitchen Sink |YLiving
Farmhouse 3018 Kitchen Sink from Native Trails


  • Comprised of natural jute fiber and cement
  • Eco-Friendly and heavy duty
  • State-of-the-art nano sealer binds with the molecules in the concrete
  • Durable construction is resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks
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Manor House Single Bowl Apron-Front Kitchen Sink from Franke

Stainless Steel

  • Popular and widely available
  • Great for achieving a sleek modern look
  • Durable material
  • More frequent cleaning is required to avoid water spots
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Cantina Pro Prep Sink from Native Trails


  • Made of 100% recycled copper materials
  • Great for a natural, rustic look
  • Copper has natural anti-microbial properties
  • High maintenance material means more care is needed
Kitchen Sink |YLiving
Precis Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink from Blanco


  • Nonporous material helps keep sinks cleaner
  • Better durability than granite
  • Resistant to scratches, stains and all household acids and alkali solutions

Number of Basins

Kitchen Sink |YLiving
Allia Fireclay Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink from ROHL

Single Basin

Single bowls offer one wide-open area. These sinks tend to be deeper and are ideal for washing larger pots and pans. The drain position is typically in the middle of the sink though they can be set off to the side with opposite side being slopped.

Kitchen Sink |YLiving
Allia Fireclay 2 Bowl Drop-In Kitchen Sink from ROHL

Double Basin

Double basins are ideal for multitasking. You have the freedom to soak dishes in one side of the sink, while the other side is still free for prep work. Double basins will either feature two basins of the same size, or a smaller and larger basin.  A smaller side basin couple with a large basin is ideal for washing larger items, like pots and pans.

Size Matters

After you’ve had a chance to research the style, material, and type of kitchen sink, determine if you’re replacing an existing kitchen sink or installing a new one in a new counter set up.

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EuroPro Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink from Franke

Replacing an Existing Kitchen Sink

Measure the hole in the counter where the old sink is and choose a sink that is comparable to your current one. Replace a drop in with a drop in, an undermount with an undermount, and a farmhouse with a farmhouse.

Consider how deep the sink should be. If you tend to wash a lot of pots and pans by hand then you may want a deeper sink. Know that a garbage disposal will affect the depth of the sink. Sink depth must be 6 inches or less for ADA compliance.

Installing a New Sink in a New Counter Space

If you’re installing a sink into a new counter space, measure in between the bottom cabinets to know how much room is available length wise. Be sure to leave yourself enough room on either side of the sink that way you’ll have space for prep work. Consider installing your new kitchen sink closer to the edge of the counter to make accessing the sink more comfortable.

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