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How to Create a Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery

A growing trend this season is the gender-neutral modern nursery. If you’re ready to ditch the pink and blue for a nursery, we’ve got some ideas for creating a gender-neutral modern nursery. A palette of neutral colors of white and cream, grey and stone, with pops of yellow and green are key to creating the perfect unisex space.

A gender-neutral modern nursery is perfect for growing families. Creating a unisex nursery allows for transition from a baby girl to a baby boy and vice versa. Make sure your larger pieces are capable of moving from one gender to the next, like your crib. You can always add smaller accents like a special blanket to really make the space your baby’s. Here’s a how to for creating a gender-neutral modern nursery that’s just right for your boy or girl:

Go for Grey

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery
Søren Quattro Convertible Station from Tulip Juvenile

The Søren Quattro Convertible Station is everything you’ll need for nursery furniture and even grows with your child. In elephant grey and white, this crib/changing station combo is the perfect backdrop for a gender-neutral modern nursery.

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Sticks Crib Bumper from Oilo

Continue the grey and white color scheme with the Sticks Crib Collection from Oilo. A geometric pattern in a dark grey contrasts nicely against a fresh white background.

Paint it White 

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Alto Bookshelf from Spot On Square

White walls are a go-to for a gender-neutral modern nursery that will go with just about anything. White furniture on white walls really makes an impact. Just don’t forget to warm it up with a few colorful accents to avoid it looking too clinical and to give your baby some playful stimulation.

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Søren “22Crib-to-Double” 22 Convertible Crib from Tulip Juvenile

Or layer whites with creams, browns, and natural wood to create a nursery that’s warm and inviting.

Add A Pop of Color

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Triple Band Play Blanket from Oilo

If you’re looking to add a popping accent color, yellow is a classic gender-neutral color. The Triple Band Play Blanket mixes things up by adding a band of yellow round the grey and white blanket.

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Milano “224-in-1” 22 Convertible Crib from Nest Juvenile 

The gender-neutral modern nursery is a great place to play with color. A soft color scheme really allows fun colors to pop, so go bright and vivid with a rainbow of colors, and accent with vivid greens.

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Alto Crib With Translucent Color Panels from Spot On Square

The Alto Crib With Translucent Color Panels is a fun and easy way to liven up a unisex nursery. A bright panel of orange helps to break up the potentially stark and stiff feel a neutral color palette can bring.

Try Warm Stone

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Rustico “224-in-1” 22 Convertible Crib from Natart Juvenile

If you’re looking for an in-between of grey and brown, try a warm stone. The warm stone of the Rustico Convertible Crib creates a soft and rustic color scheme, perfect for a gender-neutral nursery. Offset this neutral shade with creams and whites.

Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving
Cobblestone 3-Piece Crib Set from Oilo

For a more modern option, consider the Cobblestone 3-Piece Crib Set.The fun pattern of white stones and stripes over the warm stone adds dimension and interest, which keeps the room from going flat.

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Rachel Kemp

Rachel Kemp

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