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How to Embrace Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year

Color surrounds us. It is emotive, it is passionate, it can warn us and key us in to how to behave. We respond to is personally and culturally, actively and subconsciously. It is something that affects our day to day and tells us where we are in the world. With color being such an important factor in our lives, it makes sense that when the guardians of color speak, we listen.

As we gear up for the year, the bastion of all things color–Pantone–has handed down their choice for color of the year: Ultra Violet. It seems to strike a psychic and introspective bent from last year’s nature-based choice. With this rich and radiant purple, Pantone is drawing direct connections to an inward focus of the mind, spirituality and creativity. By referencing its history through great creatives like Bowie, Hendrix, and the king of the color himself, Prince, as well as through mindful practices, there is a hard focus on introspection and creation. This color and mindset mark a perfect counterpoint to the hectic and stressful year that just passed.

This is how they sum it up:

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So now that we know what the color to mark 2018 will be, how do you integrate it into your day-to-day life? The great thing is that this color can work in a number of ways in your home, and in whatever scale you feel most comfortable. In addition, it has the unexpectedly awesome feature of feeling timeless, which means that it can work in a range of styles, not limiting itself to a specific era or look.


Sometimes you just need a change, and nothing changes a space more than paint. Now, Ultra Violet is a deeper color and may be quite intimidating to some. But when handled correctly, it can give you a truly magical effect.

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For those of you who want to go for a full room, stick to a space with a smaller footprint. Halls, powder rooms, walk-in closets and studies are all good options if you want all-over color. The trick here is using the color on walls and ceilings to eliminate corners and, in effect, create a bigger looking space. Pair with richer details, deep tones and subtle lighting to tap into the mystery and intrigue that Ultra Violet supplies.

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If the full effect is too much, this color works fantastically as an accent, as well. Use as a feature wall to highlight architectural details or anchor a piece of furniture. Pair with crisp white walls and ceiling for a clean tailored feel. This is a color that can also be used across architectural details–like wainscoting and a plain, smooth wall–for a unifying appearance.

Furniture, Lighting + Accessories

If calling the painters is not on your calendar, there are many other ways to integrate Ultra Violet into your space. If you are looking to add a bold statement, try a chunky piece of furniture. A structural piece like a sofa or oversized lounge chair will add a real statement pop. Like an accent wall, this big block of this color works best surrounded by a clean palette; pair with crisp whites, rich navys and deep emeralds to let the purple be the star of the show.

If you have a warmer toned space, you can get Ultra Violet to work for you as well. You just want to break it up and use on a smaller scale. Look for smaller side chairs, accent tables, table and floor lamps to add playful pops of color. Pair with beige, nudes and colors for a ’90s pop art vibe.

For those afraid of commitment, smaller accessories are a perfect way to introduce Ultra Violet into your space. Look for accent pillows in sumptuous velvet or satin, and pile them onto neutral sofas or beds. Glossy lacquer picture frames add a bold touch to a wall. Soft baskets add both color and flexible storage. Ultra Violet features gorgeously in glass, as well. Bring a vase or bowl into living spaces and pile on the fresh fruits and flowers; or place them all by themselves to add some oomph to a tablescape.

So, from full rooms to the smallest accessory, you can easily integrate Ultra Violet into your new year. Look towards a 2018 surrounded by the color to center your spirit and amp up your creative side.

Cody Torgersrud

Cody Torgersrud

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