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How To Do Bohemian the Modern Way

The bohemian look is taking the design world by storm. It’s a laid-back, maximized style that’s full of texture and patterns galore. If you’re trying to get the boho look, but maybe want it a little more modern, I hear you. Here’s how to get a bohemian look in your space with our favorite modern furniture

Keep It Simple

Modern Bohemian |YLiving
Long Horn Geometric Animal Head from Bend Goods

A real bohemian palette is exploding with bright colors and patterns on patterns on patterns! To keep things on the modern side, opt for minimal patterns, like in your area rug or with a few throw pillows. Keep a simple color scheme, it’ll be the perfect modern backdrop to mix in boho elements without it becoming heavy and overbearing.

Have A Little Bit Of Good Clutter

Modern Bohemian |YLiving
1006 Wall Mirror from Surya

The bohemian look is all about building a home full of collected treasures. Bring home bright accessories from your travels or be on the look out for that modern piece that just works. The idea is to create a cool collected home.

Build Around Modern Pieces

Modern Bohemian |YLiving
Jane Bi-Sectional + Hull Coffee Table from Gus* Modern

Start with good modern pieces, like a modern couch and coffee table, as your foundation. You can then build and layer from there to achieve that modern bohemian decor.

Don’t Forget The Greenery

Modern Bohemian |YLiving
Glass Coffee Table from Bend Goods

One thing you’ll see in almost every bohemian styled home? A plethora of green plants. Whether they’re hanging from the ceiling, sitting in a window sill, or clustered on the floor, you can’t have bohemian without a little greenery. For modern bohemian one or two plants will do, unless you’re going for the jungle look!

Mix Up Materials

Modern Bohemian |YLiving
Pavo Real Outdoor Chair from Driade

Wicker gives any modern space an instant bohemian vibe. Other materials that are great for mixing things up? Leather, sheepskin, and even a good cowhide rug will create a modern bohemian style.

Want more inspiration for getting that modern bohemian look? Check out + follow our Modern Bohemian board on Pinterest.

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