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How to Organize Your Kids’ Stuff

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I love my girls, I really do, but how do they accumulate so much stuff? If you’re up to your eyeballs in the total house explosion that is your kids’ toys, books, and clothes; here’s a little helpful how-to full of modern kids storage units and ideas for organizing your kid’s stuff: 

Start in the Entryway

Shoes, jackets, and hats pile up quick. Give your kids a place to store everything, like the Five-Section Coat Locker from Whitney Brothers. There are 5 compartments with three cubbies each. There are also handy hooks kids have a place to hang their backpacks, scarves, and coats. This is really great if you’ve got more than one kiddo on your hands you can designate specific cubbies for each kid. Now training them to put their stuff away, that’s entirely on you.

Look For Multi-Functional Pieces 

like the Bench Box with Legs with an Upholstered Seat from OFFI & Company. You can keep it in the kids room, and then move it to the entryway for shoe storage and seating.

Find Storage Pieces That Will Grow With Your Family 

Let’s face it, buying things for specifically for your kids can get a bit pricey, and someday they’ll outgrow it and your household storage needs will change. Look for modern storage options that will grow with your family, like the Alto Bookshelf from Spot On Square. It can go from nursery, to playroom, and well into your children’s space for years to come.

The Storage Bin is Your Friend 

Bins can become a bottomless pit, I know, but they are just so practical when it comes to storing kids stuff! Open shelves are practical too and are great for books and larger toys. Combine storage bins and a bookshelf and you got a winning modern storage place for all your kids stuff. The Hiya Bookshelf is the best of both worlds, and the modern storage piece transitions well.

Find Unexpected Storage Options

Kids will love the Rockabye Storage Rocker for it’s bright color and rocking design. But you’ll love the Rockabye Storage Rocker for it’s unexpected and hidden storage container. It’s the perfect size for smaller, loose toys, like a set of blocks.

Easy Access is a Must

Kids aren’t pro’s at putting stuff away, so help them out by providing modern storage solutions that are easy to access. A wall mounted bookshelf with an open shelf design, like this one from Whitney Brothers, allows kids to quickly see and access their favorite books. Putting them away is a breeze, no more squeezing them into a shelf side by side!

For more Advice + Inspiration, follow our Modern Kids board on Pinterest.


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Kelly Tirman

After spending 10+ years living in a modern San Francisco loft, Kelly moved her family to a bungalow in the burbs. She now enjoys dreaming up home renovation and design projects in order turn her family's post-war cottage into the modern home of their dreams.