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How to Outfit the Perfect Powder Room

With the family coming over for the holidays I want to make sure that I put all the special and warm touches to make them feel at home. Give your guests the royal treatment with a modern bathroom dressed to the nines. To help you get some inspiration for updating your guest bathroom, here’s a guide for outfitting the perfect modern powder room in your home, just in time for the holidays.

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Edition 400 Tumbler Holder with Lotion Dispenser from Keuco

The Edition 400 Tumbler Holder with Lotion Dispenser keeps everything off the counter, and the glass is perfect for a couple of seasonal flowers, or simply use as a place for some toothbrushes.

Modern Powder Room|YLiving
Moll Towel Ring from Keuco

Keeping fresh towels on hand is a must in the modern powder room. For a modern touch, the Moll Towel Ring is both stylish and functional. Hopefully your guests won’t leave their wet towels on the floor with this guy hanging around.

Modern Powder Room|YLiving
Moll Toilet Paper Holder from Keuco

Don’t neglect the details! Opt for bathroom accessories from the same collection for a bit of cohesiveness. Grab the Moll Toilet Paper Holder for a sophisticated and contemporary touch. Even the toilet paper deserves a little luxury. Plus the easy hook style makes changing the roll easy.

Modern Powder Room|YLiving
Lara 170 Bath Towel Set from Missoni Home

A set of punchy hand towels adds the perfect touch. The Lara 170 Bath Towel Set has a pattern of bold geometric lines that is quintessentially Missoni and will tie the whole room together.

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Tulip Shelf from Arblu

Build out clean shelving with pretty objects and extra soaps, on the Tulip Shelf from Arblu. The two-tiered design mounts onto the wall, creating modular storage when hung with multiple units.

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Briolette™ Vessel Sink from Kohler

A stunning glass vessel sink is perfect in the modern powder room, like the Kohler Briolette. I love the effect this sink has while you’re washing your hands. It’s beautiful to see the water and light swirl around in the glass. It’s an elegant touch that guests will surely swoon over.

Modern Powder Room|YLiving
Kafka Hands Free Wall-Mounted Electronic Faucet from Lefroy Brooks 

Finish off the vessel wink with a wall mounted faucet that won’t detract from the beauty of the sink. The Kafka Hands Free Wall-Mounted Electronic Faucet from Leroy Brooks  is sleek and minimal, and is a seamless option. This faucet is also hands free, an added bonus that will impress your guests.

Numi® Intelligent Touchless Toilet
Numi® Intelligent Touchless Toilet from Kohler

Talk about conversation piece! The Numi Intelligent Touchless Toilet is the most luxurious toilet that will wow all of your holiday guests and be the pièce de résistance in your modern powder room. It does everything from opening automatically and playing music, to rinsing your bottom and warming your feet!

Sharon Choe

Sharon Choe

As a Merchandise Manager for YLiving by day, Sharon is driven to bring quality high-design products to her customers. By night, she’s an adventurous diner and avid home cook, who runs an underground supper club in San Francisco. Her long list of vices include French porcelain, cured meats, beautiful chairs, kitchen knives and planning weddings.

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