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10 Ways To Personalize Your Office Space in 2017

Remember all of those bad desk habits you had in 2016? It’s time to leave those days behind. An office space is only as good as what you have in it, and these 10 favorites will help you create a custom space that’s as organized as it is stunning.

1. BDI Sequel Large Lift Desk 6052
Sequel Large Lift Desk 6052 from BDI | YLiving Modern Office Desks
Sequel Large Lift Desk 6052 from BDI

Built to complement any standing height or seating preference, the Sequel Large Lift Desk is an innovative version of the traditional stand up desk. As our jobs become more demanding, so does our need to invest in products that will maintain our productivity. Whether you’re at home or in the office, an adjustable standing desk is a multi-dimensional option to match your mood. As a modern office desk, Sequel is up and coming with the latest technology, equipped with a programmable digital keypad to tailor your desk height. When you’re ready to stand, you’re one button away from the preferred work momentum.

2. Cherner Task Armchair
Cherner Task Chair with Arms | YLiving Modern Home OfficeModern Office Chairs
Task Armchair from Cherner

Made in the U.S.A., Cherner’s adjustable office chair offers a timeless mid-century appeal to adore. It comes in an array of gorgeous molded plywood, leather, and fabric to match  the style of your office. Plus, investing in a piece like this means you’ll be participating in the reduction of air and water pollution, greenhouse gases, and the conservation of natural resources, since this eco-friendly design made of 100% recyclable steel.

3. Blu Dot Dang File Pedestal


Dang File Pedestal from Blu Dot | YLiving Modern Office Storage and Cabinets
Dang File Pedestal from Blu Dot

Where modern furniture trends meet functionality, Blu Dot’s sophisticated file pedestal makes the task of organizing more attractive. Brass accents polish up the usually dreary file cabinet most of us house and add a touch of mid-century design. The cabinets refined form makes it easy to decorate around without creating a clash between surrounding furniture.

4. Frandsen Job Table Lamp
Job Table Lamp from Frandsen | YLiving Modern Office Task Lamps
Job Table Lamp from Frandsen

Different tasks call for different types of light. The Job Task Table LED Lamp can provide direct light for reading and writing as well as indirect light while on the computer. This flexible lamp gives you light where you need it with a slim design that won’t make you miss much-needed desk space.

5. Cruseau Candle Light
Candle Light from Cruseau | YLiving Workspace Accents Modern Candles & Candleholders
Candle Light from Cruseau

A candle’s aromatherapy properties can take your mind away from a stressful work environment and put you in a focused and productive state. In the appropriate office environment or at home, candle lights are a great addition to your work routine. Imagine the smell of warm and soothing scents, and the sound of the outdoors as Cruseau’s cedar wick crackles against the flame. The 11oz tumbler of soy wax is a wonderful addition for any candle enthusiast.

6. Areaware Standing Pens
Standing Pens from Areaware | YLiving Modern Office Accessories
Standing Pens from Areaware

An artsy pen that can stand on its own is a far more fun desk companion than your regular ball point pen. Brushed wood in energizing colors and geometric shapes make the modern Standing Pens a playful collector’s item to write with.

7. BuzziSpace Buzziboard
Modern Office Accessories
Buzziboard from BuzziSpace

Perfect for posting reminders or other ephemera, the Buzziboard helps you stay prepared for the next task at hand. The Eco-friendly board is functional, easy to attach, sound absorbing and recyclable, and keeps that to-do list in sight at all times.

8. Tom Dixon Ink Sketch Book
Tom Dixon Sketch Book | YLiving Modern Office Accessories
Sketch Book from Tom Dixon

Let Tom Dixon’s Sketch Book help bring that creative project to life. The line-less paper allows you to blossom your ideas and notes in your own way.  If your notetaking calls for a little more structure, the notebook version provides 192 pages of beautifully lined paper.

9. Menu A/S Cylindrical Accessories Set
Cylindrical Accessories Set from Menu A/S | YLiving Modern Office Accessories
Cylindrical Accessories Set from Menu A/S

The sleek and pure Cylindrical Accessories Set will make everyone envy your desk space. Within the neutral clay set you get a small vase for pens & pencils, a tall vase for an air purifying plant to catch those dust bunnies, a container to discreetly store small items, and a tray to hold the set or as a display platform. You’ll have your most essential desk items at your fingertips without compromising a structured desk space.

10. Blomus Water Carafe
Water Carafe from Blomus | YLiving Modern Pitchers & Carafes
Acqua Water Carafe from blomus

You won’t be on you’re A game if you’re dehydrated. Hydrate the smart way with the versatile 51oz Acqua Water Carafe. This hand-blown glass container offers a seamless pouring experience with a custom lid that holds back ice cubes and your favorite infused water ingredients. Say goodbye to splashing water on yourself when you need a refill on H2O.

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Tonye Doukpolagha

Tonye Doukpolagha

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