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The workspace is where you let your creativity and productivity flow. But having an office that’s drab is less than conducive for prompting healthy and happy workers. From collaborative spaces to individual workstations, even outdoor break areas, check out our modern office furniture picks that will inspire and help get the juices going.

Modern Office Space |YLiving
Campfire Ottoman from Turnstone


Creating a comfy place to take a break is just as important as the actual workspace. Using bright colors and different textures adds interest, and having ample seating that can be reconfigured easily, like the Campfire Ottoman, keeps things open for change.

Modern Workspaces |YLiving
Buoy Multifunctional Chair from Turnstone

The Buoy Multifunctional Chair keeps you active even while working. A rounded bottom allows for movement and getting the right angle for working. It’s a great seating option for kinetic workers and helps keep the workflow from going stale.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Move Chair, Upholstered from Steelcase

Designed to fit everybody, the Move Chair  practically molds to every contour and curve of your body, making this a one size fits all chair that’s comfortable. This flexibility makes this chair great for collaborative environments, as it reshapes itself to each individual who decides to take a seat.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
QiVi Office Chair from Steelcase

Probably the most important aspect of modern workspaces is the seating. Collaborative spaces need chairs that are going to suite a wide range of individuals. The QiVi Office Chair adjusts easily and provides a comfortable seat. They also come in a wide range of bright colors that are perfect for stimulating the mind.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Uno Mid-Back Office Chair from Steelcase

A chair that’s designed to be sat in for long periods of time, the Uno Mid-Back Office Chair cradles your back in just the right way. Surround a conference sized table for multiple workstations and add on two Campfire Ottomans for some extra seating.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Leap WorkLounge from Steelcase

We all know that sitting all day isn’t great for your body, especially when your office chair isn’t exactly ergonomically made. Look for an office chair that is made with keeping your posture healthy, like the Leap WorkLounge. This chair allows a bit of wiggle room that flexes with you for when you need to adjust how you’re sitting.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Dash Mini Task Light from Steelcase

Keeping a well lit space is important too. The Dash Mini Task Light is great for not taking up all that extra space on your desk while still providing ample task light.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Node Mid-Back Stool with Five-Arm Base from Steelcase

Sometimes changing up your work location briefly is all you need. Creating a modern workspace that’s different from your regular desk is the best thing for your creativity and work flow. Providing an elevated area for working and meeting with coworkers for a quick collaboration is great, like this counter and  Node Mid-Back Stool set up.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Dash LED Task Light from Steelcase

Working the eight to five in a cubicle set up can make your workers feel a bit like drones. Create spaces that inspire individuality and creativity by incorporating a visually stimulating color palette in the everyday desk items, like this row of multi-colored Dash LED Task Lights.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Emu Heaven Arm Chair, Set of Two from Coalesse

A bit of fresh air can get the brain flowing. Take your work outside, or maybe even your lunch, with an airy set up of Emu Heaven Arm Chairs in a secluded outdoor space.

Modern Workspace |YLiving
Emu Round Lounge Chair, Set of Two from Coalesse


Or take the performance meeting outside by creating a conversation and lounge area under the shade of a tree, like this pair of Emu Lounge Chairs.

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