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How to Install a Modern Medicine Cabinet

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Thinking about installing a modern medicine cabinet? Maybe a recessed one? This is one DIY project you can do on your own. Here’s a break down of how to install a modern medicine cabinet in your bathroom: 

So you’ve got your heart set on a new modern medicine cabinet, time to install it. But before you go hacking at your drywall with a handsaw, you’ll need to gather some supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Your new modern medicine cabinet 
2. A stud finder
3. Some cardboard or poster board to create a template
4. A level
5. A pencil
6. A drywall saw
7. A flashlight
8. Screws
9. A drill
10. 2′ X 4’s for adding support

Installing Your New Modern Medicine Cabinet

Step 1

Find the studs. Wherever you decide to install your medicine cabinet, you’ll need to find the studs since you’ll be installing your recessed medicine cabinet between two studs. The easiest way to do this is by grabbing your handy stud finder. Make sure you get a good multi-function one, as it will help you determine if there’s anything important behind the wall you’re planning on cutting into, like plumbing or electrical wiring, which would be bad.

Step 2

After you’ve found and marked your studs, it’s time to make a template  using an old piece of cardboard or a poster board. Measure out the dimensions and cut the template to size. Creating this is going to help you find the best height to install the mirror at.

Step 3

Hold the template up between the studs. Take into consideration the height of whoever will be using the bathroom most. You don’t want to install it too high for kids, or too low for yourself. Once you’ve got the height down, double check that your template is in between the marked studs, and that it’s level. If everything checks out, go ahead and trace the outline of the template onto the wall.

Step 4

Before you go cutting the wall out, you’ll want to be certain that the stud finder didn’t miss any plumbing or wiring behind the wall. To be certain, cut a small hole into the wall using your drywall saw and use a flashlight to see if there’s anything in your way.

Step 5

If everything is clear behind the wall, take your dry wall saw and start cutting out the template. Once you’ve cut all the way around, remove the piece of drywall, revealing the inside of the wall. Check that the medicine cabinet fits into the hole and make sure that it’s level.

Step 6

Your new modern medicine cabinet will need some support. To do this, cut two 2′ X 4’s to the length of both the top and bottom of your newly created hole, this will create a frame for the medicine cabinet to sit into. Hammer the 2′ X 4’s into place so they fit snugly in-between the studs. Then just screw them into place using your drill.

Step 7

Mount the cabinet, making sure that it’s level, and secure it using the provided screws and components.

Step 8

Finish off by placing any screw caps on the exposed screw heads and inserting the shelves.

Voila! That’s how you install a modern medicine cabinet all on your own.

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