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Introducing Marcel Wanders’ Dressed For X-Mas Collection From Alessi

Recently Marcel Wanders collaborated with Italian design company Alessi on two new collections. One was the Circus Collection which embodies all the excitement, magic and fanfare of the Big Top. Today we introduce to you the Dressed for X-mas Collection which we find to be equally unexpected and altogether delightful.

Dressed for X-mas Collection

Marcel Wanders Alessi Dressed for X-Mas Collection | YLiving
Dressed for X-mas Collection By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Dressed for X-mas is an expansion on Marcel’s Dressed Tableware Collection originally designed for Alessi. It includes special tableware pieces for the holidays as well as some beautiful holiday ornaments and decorations. The entire collection is charming, and brings a welcoming, lighthearted touch to the holidays.

Holiday Decorations
Marcel Wanders Alessi Dressed for X-mas bauble ornament | YLiving
Dressed for X-mas Bauble Ornament MW42 3  By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Adorn your tree with the elegant modern style of the Dressed for X-Mas Ornaments. The collection is made from blown glass that features a beautiful silver finish, in addition to a sweet bow for hanging. Each ornament has a classic shape that’s been restyled for a modern holiday celebration, such as the Dressed for X-mas Bauble Ornament MW42 3.

Marcel Wanders Alessi Dressed for x-mas Holy Family Ornament | YLiving
Holy Family Ornaments By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Symbolizing the Nativity Scene, the Holy Family Ornament Collection celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ with 10 whimsical ornaments. Each ornament features a charming portrait of each of the people, animals, and angels who were in attendance. Also, these fine porcelain ornaments have a charming bell shape topped with a bow for hanging. While they are each beautiful on their own, collect them all to create a truly festive scene.

Marcel Wanders Alessi Dressed for x-mas 3d tree| YLiving
Dressed for X-mas 3D Tree MW51 By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

The Dressed for X-mas 3D Tree MW51 is the perfect centerpiece for a festive holiday table. Its stainless steel construction features a delicate cut-out pattern, while the wooden bowl-style base can hold small treats or other decorations.

Marcel Wanders Alessi Dressed for x-mas candle stick | YLiving
Dressed for X-mas Candlestick Tall MW49/H By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

The Dressed for X-mas Candlestick Tall MW49/H features a sculpted base that tapers at the neck, creating a refined, slender silhouette. Together with a few tall taper candles you can finish off your table decor with some elegant candle light.

Marcel Wanders Alessi dressed for x-mas hors d'oeouve forks | YLiving
Dressed for X-mas Hors d’oeuvre forks MW48S4 By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Add a touch of class to your next holiday get together with a set of the Dressed for X-mas Hors d’oeuvre forks MW48S4. Not only is their fine stainless steel construction best for serving appetizers, but it also provides a durable construction to be used for years to come.

Marcel Wanders Alessi Dressed for x-mas sterling silver 3 tier cake | YLiving
Dressed for X-mas 3-Tier Cake Stand MW52/3 By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Serve appetizers as well as other tasty treats on the Dressed for X-mas 3-Tier Cake Stand MW52/3. Its multi-tiered design holds enough sweets for everyone, while its scalloped edge and filigree pattern creates a festive look that’s perfect for the holiday season.

To read all about the Circus Collection click here. And visit YLiving to see all of Marcel Wanders‘ current work and to visit our Modern Holiday Shop.

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