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Knoll in (Literally) 18k Gold

We add new products almost every day here at YLiving, YLighting, and YLiving, and while most remain out of the direct spotlight, this latest release, in advance of the Knoll Annual Sale, of a Knoll Gold Collection demands some extra attention.  

Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion in Gold
Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion in Gold from Knoll

Gold, and all things metallic, are clearly on trend. While Tom Dixon may have single-handedly brought brass to the forefront of modern design, metallic touches from Bend Seating, and the “Precious” collections from Kartell have come onto the scene. Even the iPhone has been dipped in the precious metal, with Apple’s recent release of a “rose gold” iPhone to complement the existing gold version. This glittering of gold is everywhere and has stated with a resounding cry that this trend is here to stay.

Knoll Gold Collection
Stunning detail of the Gold Collection from Knoll

But leave it to Knoll, the American powerhouse of modern furniture who produces authentic designs from historic figures such as Harry Bertioa and Warren Platner, to up the ante. In celebration of the aforementioned designers centennial and 50th anniversary, respectively, Knoll has released some of their timeless classics in EIGHTEEN KARAT GOLD. Yes, you read that right: real gold. If you’re going to dip it in gold, you might as well do it right, and right they have.

Platner Arm Chair in Gold
Platner Arm Chair in Gold from Knoll

Astonishingly, the pricing on these versions doesn’t come close to that hyper-premium of the solid gold Apple Watch, which clocks in at 2,765% more expensive than the Sport model, just to give you some perspective of course. It’s safe to say that Knoll 18K gold has the Midas touch, and these gilded pieces of the past have been crowned with 18 Karats of modern luxury. I will also say for the record that I really want an 18k Platner Arm Chair and a matching foot stool with that plush velvet upholstery. There’s no way you couldn’t sit in that without feeling like royalty.

Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson was a customer before joining the team at YLiving. A marketer and designer-at-core, Colin is passionate about simplicity, innovation, and quality. In time, Colin hopes to retire to the Napa Valley with his wife to make furniture and rescue dogs.

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