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Say Hello to Switches and Controls from Legrand

Have you ever asked yourself; do I even like my switches, dimmers, outlets and wall plates? Well, now you have options.

YLighting would like to introduce Legrand.


This may sound punny when I say it but… It is seriously time to make the switch.


How does it work? It’s simple. You choose from an assortment of functions. This includes your outlets, switches, USB ports and even nightlights.


Next, you select from a variety of wall plates. The possibilities are endless with so many different materials, colors and styles. You then combine the two, and that’s it.


You have just “adorn’ed” your home. Enjoy!


My favorite part? There are NO screws – Just clean fresh, beautiful modern lines!


From Standard to PopOut Outlets, USB and Nightlights... I can’t say enough how pleased I am with all outlets being Tamper Resistant. With small children at home, my outlets can stay outlets without having an ugly plastic safety cover and I know my kids are safe.

There are 7 different types of switches to choose from:

The 5 different dimmer options allow for function and beauty all in one. Choose from:

  • Paddle Dimmer (simple up-and-down motion)
  • Whisper Dimmer (quiet, fluid on/off motion)
  • SofTap Dimmer (innovative micro-movement;  a soft “tap” of the finger)
  • Sensa Dimmer (energy-saving sensor turns lights on and off when someone enters and exits a room)
  • Touch (translucent face + simply touch the circle – Like an iPhone).

There are 32 different wall plate options to personalize your space. 


Select from Real Materials, Cast Metals, Woods, leather and Vibrant Colors. This is the fun part. I love the idea of choosing contrasting colors, or creating my own wall plate using the custom template. They are beautifully made and elegantly crafted. I would never put an ordinary wall plate in my home again.

Carolyn Havens

Carolyn Havens

Carolyn is a Merchandiser for YLighting. Having grown up around the construction industry, and being a huge design enthusiast, it was only natural that Carolyn found herself in the home design field. When she’s not hard at work, you can often find Carolyn outdoors enjoying a long hike with her boys, soaking up the sun on the beach, or perfecting her newest move in a yoga sesh.

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