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Make Mine Transparent Crystal

Ghostly transparent furniture has swept the design scene to go beyond the iconic Kartell ghost chair. A monopolization on the crystal clear trend, Kartell has a transparent piece for every room. Here are some other great see-through ideas.

In the Kitchen

One More Stool from Kartell |YLiving

One More Stool from Kartell

Still maintaining the sophisticated nature of its predecessor, One More Stool by Philippe Starck, from Kartell slides in effortlessly underneath a counter to maintain an open and airy feeling in even the smallest of kitchens.

Upper Step Ladder from Kartell |YLiving

Upper Step Ladder from Kartell

Get to hard to reach areas with the Upper Step Ladder by Alberto Meda, from Kartell. The crystal clear construction will make you feel like you’re walking on air, elevating you to stand above the rest.

In the Dining Room

Louis Ghost Chair from Kartell |YLiving

Louis Ghost Chair from Kartell

The chair that started it all, the Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, from Kartell, has paved the way for the transparent trend to sweep through the design world. Place at the head of the table for a sophisticated look.

Victoria Ghost Chair from Kartell|YLiving

Victoria Ghost Chair from Kartell

Louis’ younger sister, the Victoria Ghost Chairs fills out a table nicely. For a more modern look, consider the straight lines of the La Marie Chair. No matter which silhouette you choose, ghost chairs help to emphasize your dining table, will still holding their own.

Invisible Dining Table from Kartell|YLiving

Invisible Dining Table from Kartell

Create a weightless atmosphere in your dining room by placing a clear dining table center stage. Pair the Invisible Dining Table by Tokujin Yoshioka, from Kartell with some transparent chairs like the Hi-Cut chair by Eugeni Quitllet for a real ghostly look.

Dune Tray from Kartell|YLiving

Dune Tray from Kartell

If you’re not looking to commit to the full on ghost chair trend, consider adding in invisible accents here and there. The Dune Tray by Mario Bellini, from Kartell, can go just about anywhere and won’t clutter up your space. Or you can go all-out by setting your table with transparent dinnerware from Kartell’s Jellies collection.

In the Living Room

Ghost Buster Console Table from Kartell|YLiving

Ghost Buster Console Table from Kartell

An invisible man, holding all your books, who you gonna call? The Ghost Buster Console Table of course. We love this console by Philippe Starck, from Kartell for its functionality, showcasing abilities, and a touch of whimsy.

Tati Lamp from Kartell|YLiving

Tati Lamp from Kartell

Provide a little extra light to read by with a chic transparent lamp. The straightforward lines of the  Tati Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani from Kartell is a subtle take on the transparent trend.

Uncle Jack Sofa from Kartell|YLiving

Uncle Jack Sofa from Kartell

A seamless design, Philippe Starck has done it again with the Uncle Jack Sofa from Kartell. Just imagine this paired with some white throw pillows or a fluffy sheepskin, it’ll be like lounging on Cloud 9.

In the Bedroom

Stone Stool from Kartell|YLiving

Stone Stool from Kartell

Cut with geometrical facets, the pedestal style of Kartell’s Stone Stool by Marcel Wanders is a crystalline addition to the transparent trend. Perfect for use as a bedside table for creating a sophisticated and open look.

Bourgie Table Lamp from Kartell|YLiving

Bourgie Table Lamp from Kartell

This crystal-clear medium transforms baroque inspired pieces like the Bourgie Table Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, from Kartell. The union of light with the see-through construction creates an eye-catching display.

Invisible Coffee Table, Rectangle from Kartell|YLiving

Invisible Coffee Table, Rectangle from Kartell

Yes, it’s technically a coffee table, but we can’t help but think the Invisible Coffee Table, Rectangle by Tokujin Yoshioka, from Kartell would look ghoulishly chic at the foot of a bed. Just be sure to grab it in the high model for the perfect bench height.

Mr. Impossible from Kartell|YLiving

Mr. Impossible from Kartell

Achieve the impossible with the fluid and mod design of Philippe Starck’s Mr. Impossible chair from Kartell.

In the Bathroom

Only Me Mirror, Large from Kartell|YLiving

Only Me Mirror, Large from Kartell

Admire your complexion with the Only Me Mirror by Philippe Starck, from Kartell.

Max-Beam from Kartell|YLiving

Max-Beam from Kartell

Ludovica Palomba’s Max-Beam stool from Kartell simple lined design melts into any room. Use as a vanity seat or side table. Place a stack of fresh white towels on it for when guests are in town.

In the Office

Magazine Rack from Kartell|YLiving

Magazine Rack from Kartell

The Magazine Rack by Giotto Stoppino, from Kartell, is perfect for staying organized and keeping the clutter off your desk.

Light-Air Table Lamp from Kartell

Provide a little lamplight with the fun and gravity defying Light-Air Table Lamp by Eugeni Quitllet, from Kartell.

Optic Cube from Kartell|YLiving

Optic Cube from Kartell

It’s more than just a block of ice. Use the Optic Cube by Patrick Jouin, from Kartell for its extra storage abilities or as a place to throw up your feet. It easily slips under your desk, or can tuck away into a corner. Stack a few together to create a unique storage piece.


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